Tuesday's Buddy Teevens Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 12, 2004

Stanford football head coach Buddy Teevens addressed the media about his 2004 team and its key Pac-10 game at Washington State to be televised live on FOX Sports Net this Saturday, October 16 (7:15 pm, PDT).

Opening Remarks
'It was a tough loss this weekend (at Notre Dame), and we're looking forward to playing Washington State (this Saturday).'

On What He Saw On Film From The Notre Dame Game
'I saw a team that competed hard and had opportunities. The players are sad, disappointed and upset, but they understand that it's critical to compete hard for 60 minutes. You have to get through tough situations and find out a way to come out on top, down-to-down and snap-to-snap. That's the difference between coming out with a win or a loss.'

On The Loss To Notre Dame
'We certainly had respect for their football team, but we came out ready to play. We went out and executed, but didn't finish. We drove the ball down the field on a number of occasions, but just didn't do enough of it. Early on, we had to kick field goals instead of putting seven points on the board. There were a couple of big plays made against our defense, and you'd love to have that back. We competed and put ourselves in a position to win. We need to finish off those games, and we will from now on. The conference is very balanced and competitive. I want my guys to revel in the opportunity to compete. That's what is special about college football.'

On Whether Notre Dame Played More Press Coverage In The Fourth Quarter
'They mixed it up with zones and man coverage. We made plays against each of their press coverages.'

On The Stanford Offense Not Being Able To Move The Ball On The Final Drive
'We put ourselves in bad situations. We had a lot of third down and longs and those are tough positions to be in. We also had penalties and a play for a loss. We want to stay within the chains and put ourselves in a position to make those third down conversions. Not moving the football resulted in tough field position with a long field against a good defensive group. If you get behind the chains against any decent defense, it's going to be hard to move the ball.'

On The Role Of Receivers In Third Down And Long Situations
'It's a combination of things. You need to hold the ball longer to get people further down the field. In those situations, you have defensive schemes that are predicated on taking away longer throws. On third and long, the ratio of success is not very high in general.'

On The Role Of Sophomore David Marrero
'He's a guy that brings a lot of speed. Right now he's primarily serving a punt return function, but each week we try to work him into new segments depending on how a team defends us or what we anticipate seeing defensively.'

On Short Yardage Running Situations
'We haven't had a lot of those short yardage opportunities. The problem areas are the long conversions. On the fourth and one situation last week, we just failed to convert it. I'm not concerned about our ability to do it, we just haven't had a lot of opportunities.'

On Dropped Passes By Receivers
'I think it's just a physical issue (not mental). We have guys that are athletic and can make plays, and unfortunately it's part of the game. The timeliness has sometimes had an impact, but you put it behind you and move forward. We're very comfortable and confident in the guys we have playing, and we think they can convert in those types of situations.'

On Running The Shotgun Formation Against Notre Dame
'We ran it out of respect for the defensive front of Notre Dame. We felt that if we gave Trent Edwards a little more breathing space, he wouldn't take as many hits. Our offensive line protected him quite effectively, and I think it paid off. He was fairly accurate, and we could get the ball off without them getting hits on the quarterback.'

On The Fumble By Punter Jay Ottovegio
'I was really proud of him in the way that he dealt with the situation. It didn't go quite the way he wanted, and he took full responsibility for it. The nice thing was that his next punt was his best one of the year. I think that speaks well of his character and his ability to focus. It's a lonely position and if you make one mistake everyone knows about it.'

On Washington State
'They're a very solid football team. They've had a great run of success with 10 wins in each of the last three seasons. They are very competitive and are one of the most physical teams on our schedule. They come after you snap after snap and play very hard. They are a well coached outfit and don't make many mistakes. Their quarterback continues to improve and makes a lot plays for them, and they are very stingy on defense.'

On Stanford's Offense In The Red Zone
'We really have not had a problem scoring to date. There are occasions where you're going to have to rely on a field goal. It's not accepted, but it's understood. The times we've had to settle for field goals, we've had offensive malfunctions. I anticipate greater success in the future.'

On Preparing The Team For Playing At Washington State
'I try to paint the picture as best as I see it. One of the nice things about traveling to play is that it's a little bit of an adventure. The players look forward to getting to see some things that they normally wouldn't see. The biggest thing is the opportunity to compete. Our guys revel in the opportunity to play anyplace. It will be a full house, it will be loud and it will be hostile. It's going to be a competitive contest, and that's what you need to focus on as an athlete. We'll address issues like the turf and the rain as best we can with the team and try to paint an accurate picture. (Offensive line coach) Steve Morton has played and coached up there, and he knows the area very well, so he can give a fuller background to the other coaches and players.'

On The Play Of Junior Defensive Tackle Julian Jenkins
'I think the 3-4 alignment has worked out well for him, as well as for Will Svitek. Julian worked very hard in the off-season and has developed himself. He competes hard and that physical development has really helped him. He's done a nice job shedding people and maintaining his balance. He is an intelligent football player, and he's a leader for us.'

On Freshman Running Back Ray Jones
'Right now he's ready to play. (Running backs coach) Jay Boulware has done a nice job with him and if necessary he can go in at any point, and we're comfortable with it.'

On Freshman Offensive Lineman Mikal Brewer
'Mikal prepared well and performed well in his first opportunity on the offensive line. We counted on him, and he stepped up on the road on national television and did a solid job.'

On Not Turning The Ball Over On Offense
'It is a point of emphasis. There is an awareness of that with our players. Trent Edwards is doing a good job of throwing the ball away and making good decisions. He sees things well and he's a fairly accurate passer, so he's not throwing the ball up for grabs. That's very important for us.'

On Passing The Ball As Opposed To Running It
'It depends on who's defending you and how they're going to defend you. If they are loading it up, it makes good sense to throw the football. We have confidence in our offensive line to protect the quarterback and confidence in the quarterback to throw the ball accurately. Each game is different. Sometimes you feel like you can pound the ball a little bit more, and sometimes you can go more with the pass. We've had a good split between running and passing, and offensively we're doing a good job of keeping people off balance.'

On The Play Of Michael Craven At Notre Dame
'It was a plus for us. He's a very athletic individual. He continues to progress and has been invaluable on special teams. We expect to get him more playing time.'

On The Importance Of Winning On The Road
'The mark of a successful team is the ability to go away and get a win. We have a number of opportunities coming up and that's very important. I don't over-emphasize it, but to silence a crowd is a credit to you and the way you're performing. You have to perform well, execute well, and take care of your assignments to be successful on the road.'

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