At Pre-NCAA Cross Country Invitational, UCLA Men Finish 13th

Oct. 16, 2004

At the Pre-NCAA Cross Country Invitational, held Saturday in Terre Haute, IN and hosted by Indiana State, UCLA and other top cross country teams from around the U. S. competed on the course that will host the upcoming 2004 NCAA Championships (Nov. 22). There were four seeded women and men's races (two women's 6000m /two men's 8000m).

In men's competition, the Bruins placed 13th (384 points) out of 35 teams in the 8000m White Race. Stanford, ranked No. 2 in the U. S., placed first (77), followed by (Top 5) - 9th rated and second-place Notre Dame (165), 5th rated and third-place Michigan (188), 14th rated and fourth-place BYU (190) and 18th rated and fifth-place Florida State (203). The Bruins, not ranked among teams rated in the national Top 30, did defeat higher ranked No. 25 Ohio State (15th place) and No. 27 Montana State (19th place).

Individually, the Bruins were led by senior Jon Rankin, who placed 21st (out of 242 runners), in a time of 24:26.7.

UCLA had two other runners in the Top 50 -sophomore Austin Ramos (43rd, 24:47.4) and senior Erik Emilsson (47th, 24:51.5).

The winner of the men's 8000m White Race was Stanford's Ryan Hall, 23:54.4.

'The men ran much better today than we have all season,' Peterson said. 'Jon once again did a great job leading the team. He ran with the lead pack for the majority of the race and it was a very strong effort from him. We need his leadership for us to be successful.

'It's nice to see Austin coming back from his (stress fracture) injury, running better each week,' he said. 'Erik also ran a strong race. I'm pleased with the way Kyle Shackleton, Mike Haddan and Nick DeFelice worked together. It's a difficult thing to find your teammates among 250 runners. They did a good job of staying together to help our team scoring. But we do need to fill the gap between Erik and our fourth runner. There was too big a spread between our third and fourth runners today for us to be any more competitive.'

Looking Ahead
UCLA on Saturday, Oct. 23 will run in the CS Fullerton Invitational at Brea's Carbon Canyon Park. On Saturday, Oct. 30, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco will host the 2004 Pac-10 Cross Country Championships.

Pre-NCAA Invitational
Oct. 16, 2004
Terre Haute, IN (Indiana State)


Team Standings (6000m Blue Race/Top 5 of 37 teams)
1. Stanford 49, 2. Notre Dame 111, 3. North Carolina 129, 4. Missouri 174, 5. BYU 192/10. UCLA 344.

Overall Individuals (Top 5 of 252 runners)
1. Alicia Craig, Stanford, 20:20.4; 2. Carol Henry, North Carolina, 20:23.6; 3. Molly Huddle, Notre Dame, 20:29.3; 4. Laura Turner, BYU, 20:30.7; 5. Erin Donohue, North Carolina, 20:36.9.

UCLA Individuals (7)
53. Ashley Caldwell, 21:43.1; 56. Alison Costello, 21:44.6; 65. Monika Rothenburger, 21:52.2; 82. Olga Aulet-Leon, 22:02.9; 88. Jenna Timinsky, 22:06.5; 95. Allison Hall, 22:09.3; 146. Carmen Winant, 22:35.5.


Team Standings (8000m White Race/Top 5 of 35 teams)1. Stanford 77, 2. Notre Dame 165, 3. Michigan 188, 4. BYU 190, 5. Florida State 203/13. UCLA 384.

Overall Individuals (Top 5 of 242 runners)
1. Ryan Hall, Stanford, 23:54.4; 2. Nate Brannen, Michigan, 23:56.8; 3. Nick Willis, Michigan, 23:58.5; 4. Jason Bill, Illinois, 23:59.4; 5. Nef Araia, Stanford, 24:01.0.

UCLA Individuals (7)
21. Jon Rankin, 24:26.7; 43. Austin Ramos, 24:47.4; 47. Erik Emilsson, 24:51.5; 135. Kyle Shackleton, 25:38.1; 138. Mike Haddan, 25:39.3; 143. Nick De Felice, 25:41.9; 201. Micky Cobrin, 26:17.4.

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