Washington-Oregon State Postgame Quotes

Oct. 16, 2004

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Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson

General Comments: 'The two turnovers on the one-yard line just killed our momentum. When you turn over the ball seven times you are going to have a long day. Those fumbles on the goal line came after some really good drives. The game really hinged on those fumbles. We had three or four possessions inside the 10-yard line for no points. It's frustrating because there were a lot of good things done in the game. It breaks up everything you try to do; kids were competing and making plays and getting into it and it just breaks it off. Congratulations to the Oregon State team, they played a great game and especially to their kicker. Fifty-six yards is a long way to go. It is a tough loss for us.'

On the turnovers: 'They just didn't have it. One time they said the ball was wet and the other time it looked like the kid put his helmet right on the arm of the fullback and it just got knocked out. On the second one, when you have the ball at the one, they're just going to scratch and scratch until they pull it out and that is what seemed to have happened.'

On the performance of quarterback Isaiah Stanback: 'Isaiah runs around and makes a lot of plays with his feet and scrambles. I thought he did some really, really good things, and there were other things that I wish he hadn't have done. For the most part of the game he gave us some spark and some lift. After the turnovers and the interceptions he pretty much came off the bench and moved us. That's his style of play. He's going to do some things that you don't like but he's also going to do some things that you're going to just say, 'Wow; nice play.' And that's just the way it is with these kids because I don't want to fence them in. They're young; they will get better. He did a lot of good things. We didn't have a lot of receivers for him to get things to. We had put together what we called the 'Isaiah Package' during the week and we wanted to give him some reps. The 'Isaiah Package' includes a lot of option and spread plays where he can run move and get the ball out of his hands fast. Casey Paus started out tough, and we didn't like the way it looked so we gave Isaiah a shot. He did some good things, but at the same time I think there were some things that were missing. We have to learn from this. Isaiah really gives us some life on offense. He will play again.'

On injuries: 'Dan Milsten is in surgery right now. He dislocated his ankle and fractured his tibula. That one is tough and a big loss. We lost Donny Mateaki this week in practice for the season. They couldn't tell me exactly the condition of Quintin Daniels' knee, but I it was the same one that he injured last season. Charles Frederick popped his hamstring again on a punt return in the fourth quarter. I feel sick for our kids. They are great kids to coach. It is the downside of the game for both the players and the coaches. I don't have an answer for it. We work hard and train hard and lift hard but it just happens sometimes.'

On the absence of offensive guard Khalif Barnes: 'Khalif is offensively the best football player on our team. When you lose your best guys like we did with Khalif, Zach Tuiasosopo and Charles Frederick it takes its toll. I'm not displeased with the efforts of our offensive line today but when you are missing a guy that good from your team it will make a difference.'

On the presence of true freshmen on the defensive line: 'They will be really good in the future. I thought at one time we were going to have four in there- Erick Lobos, Jordan White-Frisbee, Greyson Gunheim, and Caesar Rayford. Those guys will all continue to play and get better and that is just the way it is. We've lost guys and these guys wanted to play. I wasn't sure what Caesar wanted to do about his redshirt so I talked to him about it, and talked to his family about it. He wanted to play and contribute and that's what we got.'

Washington Players

QUARTERBACK Isaiah Stanback
On if he thought he was past the line of scrimmage on the illegal forward pass penalty:
'I knew I was close, but it was either take a shot at a touchdown, or gain five yards and go out of bounds. I'd rather take my chances with a touchdown.'

On his scrambling ability in the game: 'It wasn't just me. It was the team. They know my style of play. That's what works and it was working today, so we stayed with it. They weren't written-out plays like that, but you take what you can and try to make it work.'

On the turnovers: 'We beat ourselves a lot. Not taking anything away from Oregon State, they're a great team, but we got down there on the goal line and fumbled twice. When you're playing from behind and you turn it over, it's tough.'

DEFENSIVE TACKLE Jordan White-Frisbee
On getting experience as a freshman:
'For the future, it's probably going to help us a lot. We're looking at times where we could almost have an all-freshman defensive line.'

On taking positive defensive play to USC next weekend: 'I don't know how you can go to USC, who's number one in the nation, and not be pumped. You had better be tough to play against USC.'

On blocked punt:
'From all the game tape we watched, we knew that they were a little vulnerable up the middle. Tim (Galloway) did a good job of exploiting that, making a good move, and getting his hands on the ball.'

On the freshmen on defense: 'I have faith in them. Of course they don't have the experience, but I think that anybody who is going to come in is going to be ready to play. You have to think that they're going to be able to do their job, and motivate them to do their job. It's tough to lose a guy like Dan Milsten, but I'm sure someone is going to step up and make the plays in place of him.'

On Derrick Johnson's forced fumble on a sack: 'That was a great call. Coach Snow told us, `We're going to run this play - go out and get the ball.' DJ got wide open, made a nice play, got the ball out, and we got the ball back for our offense. We needed to do that more, We only got a couple of turnovers today and we need to make more plays like that.'

On seven turnovers: 'That was tough. I don't know how many games you're going to win turning the ball over seven times. Defensively, I know that we need to be able to step up and give the ball back to our offense. That's one of our biggest concerns right now, is turnovers.'

On getting ready for USC: 'We're getting better each week. We definitely need to stop the big play. Today we only had one, but I thought that was very big play in the game. We played great the whole game, except for that one play. When one player messes up, we need to be able to cover for him.'

CENTER Brad Vanneman
On the turnovers:
'It is a helpless feeling, because you play hard but you have nothing to show for it. We had good chances today and that's what makes losses like this so hard. We had a shot to win and we blew it. Not everyone played a perfect game today, but we all played hard. We just didn't execute at the right times. We moved the ball pretty consistently on them for the most part. Then we get on the 1-yard line and we hit a wall or something. I don't know how to explain it. It's difficult to take a loss like this when you played so hard.'

On playing USC next week: 'We have a tough road ahead; it doesn't get any easier. The effort's there. If we keep focusing in practice and working to perfect our assignments all the way around, then we'll have a chance. I know the character of this team and none of us are going to be coming out and not playing hard. We have a shot to shock the world next week and we're going to do everything we can to make that happen.'

WIDE RECEIVER Sonny Shackelford
On the team's comeback attempt:
'The game wasn't over. The game's not over if there's not all zeroes on the clock. Whenever there's time on the clock, you can always do something.'

On Isaiah Stanback's play: 'He did very well. He came in and helped our team out a whole bunch. He came in and played as a great quarterback should. Isaiah is a playmaker. That's what the coaches want out of him, to make plays and get first downs and touchdowns, and he did that. He has a great ability to be able to move out of the pocket and has the arm to throw it downfield and throw across his body. That's the makings of a great quarterback.'

On the turnovers: 'There's nothing you can say about the turnovers. We were all out there. We all saw what happened. All of us as a whole team just have to try and do better and hold onto the ball and get the turnover ratio in our favor.'

General comments:
'We had it, we just needed to execute the plays. It's frustrating. I'm trying to find an answer. One of the touchdowns was my fault. I didn't cover my gap and they ran through my gap and made a touchdown.'

On defensive play on whole: 'We made some good plays. After Dan Milsten went down, I told the guys, `You have to dig in, this is what it's all about.' We came together, started playing in the first half, stopping the run. They said they were going to run the ball and we take that to heart, so we tried to stop the running game. They came back in the second half and made a couple of plays and I give them credit. They played hard and the best team wins.'

On weather having a factor: 'I don't think so. I mean, this is Dawg Weather. It doesn't affect us and I don't think it affects them. We're both playing in the same thing.'

On impact of freshman defenders: 'Grayson (Gunheim) is playing really well. He's doing everything he can do to contribute to the team. (Jordan) White-Frisbee is a big guy. He's able to take on two guys and keep them off my back so I can not be slowed down. And Caesar (Rayford) is going to come around too.'

TIGHT END Joe Toledo
On the offense's consistency:
'We had 300 yards of offense. There were some drives where we stalled, but overall we were able to move the ball well. But when you have over five turnovers, you're not going to do anything.'

On his touchdown reception: 'It's been a long time coming, I'll say that much. Isaiah (Stanback) was rolling out and I was running the corner route and he got flushed out of the pocket. I just stuck with the route and he put a nice ball on me. It was a nice catch.'

Oregon State Coach Mike Riley

On the importance of today's win: 'Well, we kind of talked about it before that there were two programs that have not started out the season the way they wanted to, so in order to get kick-started in some fashion, this was a big, big game for both of us. I was just really proud of how our kids came up here and they played hard, made plays and came back from some adversity throughout the ball game. That quarterback is an athlete; he's a pretty good player. It was a hard-fought game and it was a very good win for our team.'

On winning for just the second time in Husky Stadium in many years: 'The first thing is that this win was a very good thing for this team in particular right now. We just needed to win a game and get that feeling back and win a Pac-10 game, so we can build on it. Now it gives us something to hang on to and go on to the next one. But the second one is that it is always good to win on the road and it's great to win in a place that's been hard. Those are two other residual accomplishments that are big for this program.'

On what the win means for the WSU game next week: 'That's it. We have a win. What that means will only be told in the next game but it feels a lot better going in with a win, I'll tell you that.'

On the 55-yard FG and the long Wright run: 'Big plays. To go back to the lead at the half after really making a lot of plays and just coming away with field goals, it gave them a chance to be ahead. But then I thought the response to their touchdown started in the third quarter with the drive and then the run by Dwight (Wright).'

On having zero rushing yards at the half: 'We just talked as coaches about, `Where are we going here? What are we going to focus on?' So we picked out our top three [plays] and started going after them.'

On Derek Anderson's play: 'I thought he played very well. He played with poise; he found receivers. One thing that happened today was the linemen gave him more chances today to progress through his receivers out in the pattern. He made some big time plays.'

On Dwight Wright's long TD run: 'That was great to see. You know we hope to keep building our run game. We are nowhere near there yet but it was good to get a long run in today.'

On keeping the momentum: 'We played tough-minded today. There was a lot of stuff near the end that was crazy. We had a lot of big third-and-longs, and they'd convert them, and with almost any stop in any of those situations, the game would have been over. Then of course, there is too much time on the clock to take a knee so we put in a lead blocker, which we haven't done all day long, so we have that extra protection and we fumble it. And then our defense comes up with the stop again. It was kind of crazy. It was back-and-forth like that, but overall it was just a really good win with a lot of really good football players.'

Oregon State Players

On record-breaking day:
'It was an exciting day. Darrick Bruns did a great job of snapping the ball and Colt Charles did a great job of holding it for me. Overall, it was awesome.'

On 55 -ard field goal: 'When you get in the 50-and-above range it is rare that you get the opportunity to kick. Coach Riley gave me a shot and I was able to put it through. That was the longest field goal of my career. This is the longest that I have kicked off of a snap and a hold.'

On building confidence: 'IIt is nice to have confidence in yourself and have the coaching staff have confidence in you. I tried to do the best that I possibly could and I am glad that I had the oppotunity to do that.'

On converting on third downs:
'It felt good to be able to keep the drives going and get the chance to score.'

On chemistry with Derek Anderson: 'That comes from playing with him. We practice together every day and when you do that you can be on the same page a lot of the time.'

On Marcel Love's big game: 'That's huge when other guys are catching balls. It takes pressure off me because the other safety will cover him and not me, to help out on Marcel a little bit. It just makes my life a lot easier.'

On winning at Washington: 'It's pretty big for us to get this win on the road. We kind of caught them on a down year, but it doesn't matter to us because we are having a down year, too. We need to ride this win and get ready to get going.'

On importance of game:
'Our record was on the line, our support was on the line, and we came out and really played well. It was a lot of fun. We were able to make some big plays, but not scoring on the goal line was kind of frustrating for us.'

On 55-yard run: 'That was a big bounce-back for us. We went down there and scored to get the momentum back. We were trying to force the run a little bit in the first half and it wasn't working, but we were able to finally break one.'

On holding on to win: 'We just kept fighting. It was a back and forth type of game. We had some good field position early on and we were trying to get some touchdowns, but it wasn't working out that way. We kept fighting and it worked out good for us anyway.'

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