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Oct. 16, 2004

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Expectations of the game...
'Going into the game I thought it would be a defensive struggle. I knew their defense was good and I thought our defense would be able to hold them. They made some big plays. Of course, the double pass was a big play in the first quarter. The young kids bit on the play action and they ran the boot.'

Troubles deep in Stanford territory...
'When you have first and goal on the three you need to get that thing in the end zone. Twice we were down there and didn't get it in. That was the ball game right there.'

'We ran the lead play once and got stuffed, had a quarterback sneak and got stuffed, then Josh fumbled the snap and got stuffed. He tried to pull out of there too soon, I think. They did a nice job coming after us, but we've got to be able punch that in.'

Battling back...
'I'm proud of our kids. They kept coming back and battling. The defense picked it up in the second half, but I think credit goes to (Trent) Edwards, their quarterback. I think he did a good job. He scrambled, got outside the contain and when we were out there to contain he ran up the middle.'

Trouble on the last drive...
'We made some mental errors. We panicked a little and lost our poise on that last drive.'


Losing at home to Stanford...
'It was a tough loss but we are going to have to bounce back and get ready for a tough Oregon State team.'

Mistakes on last drive...
'We made a few mental mistakes, had a penalty here, had a penalty there, and all of the sudden it is fourth and 20. It's pretty tough for any offense to convert on fourth and 20. We came up a few yards short on the last pass.'

Trouble inside Stanford's five...
'We are going to have to re-evaluate that a little bit. We ran the ball well today but struggled when we got down near the end zone.'

Regrouping for Oregon State...
'Nobody likes to lose. We have a solid team. We moved the ball well. We are frustrated right now but we are going to stay together as a group and try to beat Oregon State.'

Hamza Abdullah, WSU FREE SAFETY

Getting the offense and defense on the same page...
'We have to put it all together. We have been in every game. Hopefully next week we will pull it out.'

His first career interception...
'I saw the check and I knew from watching film it was an out route. Sure enough, he did the out route. I looked up and it was right there. I was amazed, that's why I didn't score.'

Being 3-3 after the success of last three seasons...
'It's a little disheartening. I know we are better than our record shows. We have been in every game. I'm just trying to keep the guys up and help them play to their ability each and every week.'


His first quarter punt return...
'I knew it was going to be short. I took it and followed my blocks on the wall set up to the left. Tyron Brackenridge and Allen Thompson were doing a good job blocking. I followed the red jerseys. I thought I had a chance.'

Dropping two-straight games...
'We don't feel like we have been beaten by better teams. We feel like we have had opportunities, we just haven't been able to follow through. It's still positive though. We are still behind each other and that is the way good teams are. You can't hang your head. It was pretty sad but people were still talking to each other and trying to motivate each other.'

Swogger's struggles...
'Josh (Swogger) is under a lot of pressure and he has a bad knee. His mobility isn't there yet. We still have a lot of faith in him.'


On the game:
'That was incredible to be a part of that game right there. There were so many highs and so many lows and so many guys on the defense making plays when we need them to. The offense made some critical errors and the defense was really there to pick us up. We played special teams, offensively and defensively, we really handled them the entire game.'

On WSU's Will Derting:
'That was a mistake on my part not to get down on that run. I was just trying to play a bit too aggressive. But he is a great player. I watched him on film all week and he'll be an All Pac-10 selection I'm sure. I played against him last year and next year he'll be even better I bet.'

On WSU's defense:
'They switched to cover two man during the second half, and we've been struggling with that defense a little bit this season so far, but we'll watch the film and get better at it from there.'

On the impact this win has on the team:
'This is just going to be the catalyst for the rest of our season. Its going to start something that I hope we can ride this for the rest the year. There are a lot of great pac-10 football teams we're playing. I think we've only got two more home game and three road games, and we finish up with Cal and each week you're going to be in a dog fight, just like we were this week, but hopefully we can use this. A big win like this can be used to the best of a team's advantage if you use it the right way and hopefully we can do that.'


On his overall thoughts toward the game:
'I thought our guys went out and played hard. They didn't always play smart; there were some frivolous penalties early on. We had a couple of things that shouldn't have happened, but I think we settled down in the second half. They did play well. They started to run the ball more at our guys we gave up a couple of scores offensively.'

On the significance of the game:
'I'm happy that we won. Maybe I'm small minded this year, I'm thinking in the moment and I'm just excited for my players. They came and competed. We're in a point where we struggle a little but at the tail end of ball games, and its not going the way we want, and also we stood up and said enough is enough, let's finish and we did. It was a special opportunity for us.'

On playing at Martin Stadium and the fans:
'I'd say I'm very, very impressed. They said that to some of the fans when they were walking off, 'Is this place always this nuts?' just wild, they're into it, they're knowledgeable. I thought they were real classy, just some of the comment coming off the field. I didn't know what to expect. I was really impressed; the students are really into it. I like the venue. Bill does a nice job, the guys are well coached; they play hard. I feel better coming out of here with a win, but it's a tough place to play.'

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