ASU Quarterback Andrew Walter's Quotes From Monday's Press Conference

Oct. 18, 2004

On his role as senior leader following a loss like last week:
'It's just one game. It's almost easier to get blown out than to lose by a point in the fourth quarter. Just because you lose this one doesn't mean you have to lose two because of it. We're not trying to let it affect us in that way and hopefully in won't be that way at all.'

On the player's resilience:
'On Sunday during the workout, I noticed that guys were bummed out, but that's just because of a loss. We didn't feel we showed up like we could. We didn't play the way we normally do. We're all pretty disappointed, but that was yesterday, today's a new day and tomorrow it's UCLA.

'In talking to some of the older guys on the team, I think we'll be fine After we ran on Sunday, Drew [Hodgon] and I got everybody together and said, `It was a loss, but so what. It's over, it's yesterday. Now we have to worry about today and the future, that's all that matters'. If we had said that we would have been 5-1 after six weeks of the season, that's cool. It doesn't matter how we got the loss, it's still just one loss, not two. Our goals are still the same; we don't have to change them at all. There's a lot to be had and because of the seniors and upper classmen and leadership on this team, I don't think we have to worry about that.'

On his impressions of the UCLA defense:
'It looks like they're very aggressive. It looks like they brought a lot of different blitzes from different spots on the field: corner, weak backer, safety and linebacker as well. Coach [Dirk Koetter] was saying they are a little different than last year and more specifically, I'll have to watch some more tape.'

On rebounding from the loss:
'It depends on how you lose. The way we lost, I say [it's not hard to rebound] because you just have to flush the toilet, the loss was just so bad. If you lose a heartbreaker, it might be harder. If you prepare a whole year and have your mind set on one team and you beat that team, it might be a little harder to get over a win. After a loss like last weekend, I think it's easier to move on because there's not a lot of good in dwelling on it.'

On the injuries from USC's rough defense:
'I feel good. A little beat up, but everybody is not bad. Nothing more than usual I suppose, but they were able to get the shots in. Everybody is beat up right now, so nothing to complain about.'

On adjustments USC made on defense:
'They didn't do anything a whole lot different. That was just the way the game went. We had to get out of our running game because we got down early and that really affected us with a lot of things. Mental errors and things like that really killed us. All day we were just really hurting ourselves. SC wasn't going to give us an inch and they didn't.'

On USC's comments about ASU being scared in the spotlight:
'Maybe some guys were. I suppose that it could be attributed to some of the mental errors. Personally, if that were the case, that's something we would have to get over and get over fast if we want to try and succeed. I suppose on an individual basis, the guys would have to answer that.'

On Zach Miller's increased role in the offense:
'He does a great job. Everybody has something to work on and get better at. I know Zach doesn't think he has nothing to work on by any means and he's going to continue to get better. As a true freshman, but more so than that, as a football player, he's played great for our team. He plays as our outlet when we need him and as our first option as well. He'll continue to get better and has played great as a freshman.'

On breaking Plummer's school passing records:
'All I have thought about is the game and how bad it was. With the records, I didn't even know that was the case. That's cool, but UCLA is all that matters.'

On the emphasis placed on running the ball against UCLA:
'There will be plenty of emphasis. I think there was for this last week. The way the course of that game went, however, that part of the gameplan went right out the window. This week for sure, we'll stress that and hopefully Hakim [Hill] will be feeling better and everybody else will step up. That will be a crucial in running the football. It is every week, but the way games go, you have to get away with it.'

On the meaning of the UCLA game after last year's injury:
'It wasn't dirty play, it was totally clean. They made a good play on me, so there's no revenge factor or anything like that. I don't know if I've had the chance to beat UCLA as a starter. Certainly that's motivation, but not in terms of any injury like that.'

On the preparation for UCLA versus that of USC:
'I thought we prepared good. As a senior upper classmen leader, we're going to have to make sure that guys tighten down. We have to make sure we do all the little things that got us to this point and to not be lackadaisical in any way at all. In terms of preparation that way, for sure we'll have to be more focused for the whole week.'

On the team's home stand and the advantage of playing in Tempe:
'Yeah, we like to play at home. When our crowd is getting rowdy and hyped up, for sure that helps us out. After a home game, we don't have to get on the plane and travel, there are all those things that you like for your home field. Three out of the next four at home will bode well for us.'

On his first interception against USC:
'The first receiver checked and the first guy was more open that the other guy. Without getting too specific in what we we're doing, I was trying to make a play. Sometimes I feel like I can muscle it through there, just because of arm strength or whatever, it wasn't the case on that. He was triple covered. When you're out there trying to make a play, stuff happens. They dropped into coverage and we're not faked out at all. '

On the health of Hakim Hill:
'With his legs I think he's healthy. His arm and stuff is messed up. I don't know if he's told anybody how messed up, but I assume he's doing all right to be able to play. I know his legs should be feeling pretty good.'

On the role of Rudy Burgess in the offense:
'Probably, we'll get the running game cranked up even more. The guys can get only so many consecutive handoffs. Hopefully we'll be doing well in the running game for Hill to get a break because he's running all over the field.'

On putting the USC loss behind him:
'In a loss like this, yes [its easier to forget about], because there's nothing good and you can't learn a whole lot from it. It was all in all a crappy day. A loss like this is always easier to put behind you. Its' the ones where in the fourth quarter maybe you coughed it up or you threw the pick and that made the other team go down and score. Those one's are a lot harder to get over that a loss like this.'

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