Keith Gilbertson Press Conference (10/18)

Oct. 18, 2004

On Charles Frederick's health: 'As of right now, he's listed as out, no practice. He re-aggravated that hamstring sometime during the first half. He went in at halftime and tried to treat it. I thought his performance was going downhill. He did not look quick. I think he really re-aggravated it on the kickoff return in the second quarter. I don't know that you'll see Charles. He missed two weeks with that before, so I'm not sure that's not still the same case.'

On quarterback situation: 'Casey (Paus) hurt his ankle on the field goal where the guy kind of blocked the holder and Carl (Bonnell) is coming off that injury, so we won't know where everybody is at until we get a chance to see them today and tomorrow.'

On Dan Milsten: 'I saw Dan yesterday at the hospital. He wasn't doing very well. He's home today, but was in quite a bit of pain yesterday morning and was not very good.'

On getting a chance to see the replay of Milsten's injury: 'Many times. I have a lot of thoughts on it.'

On Milsten injury being a cheap shot: 'I'm going to leave that to everybody's judgment to see what they see. I have an opinion about it and will speak to people about it, but it doesn't do us, Dan's leg, or anybody any good. He's a feisty guy. He has a lot of zip. He's a guy who loves the Huskies and loves the game here. He wants us to do well and wants his teammates to succeed. He felt a lot better after he got his ankle back. I know that feeling a little bit and he felt better after that because he was not going to be able to exhort that cloud until that happened.'

On Pac-10 looking at play: 'I want them to look at it. There are a lot of other things I want that officiating crew to look at during that game too. We'll just leave it at that. There are some coaches in this league that I believe can make comments regarding the officiating crew or how the game is officiated. I don't consider myself to be one of those.'

On Stanback's performance: 'I thought there was some great things, some great athletic things, making plays like he does with his feet. When he has his feet under him, he's liable to go anywhere and some of those are going to be outstanding plays and some of them you're going to say, 'You shouldn't have done that' or Why did you do that, you should have done this. He's still awfully young at quarterback also. When he watches the video again today with his coaches, there'll be some things that they tell him he should have seen and he'll say, 'I know' and there'll be some other plays where he makes some plays on his own like the third down and long first down conversion that he made down the sideline which was an unbelievable run. And then the throw to Joe Toledo in the endzone which was a beautiful throw on the move and then he's capable of making the throw to Quintin Daniels, taking what the defense gave him and picking a good route. So he's going to make some plays and look fantastic and he's going to do some things that make you shake your head, but you don't want to take away some of that exuberance and that spontaneity about the game, so you have to learn to live with some of that. As he matures and gets older, I think he'll be more and more on page.'

On if Bonnell not injured, who start: 'Carl did not lose the job, Carl got injured, so there's a possibility that Carl would start the game.'

On Stanback's accuracy: 'I think the weeks that he missed with the sprained ankle really helped his motion. He is not much of a body thrower; he is more of an arm thrower. He needed to get his body into it because his ankle is hurt and I think that it really helped his motion. His motion has improved this year and I think that a lot of that had to do with his ankle.'

On Quentin Daniels injury: 'As far as I know he had his MRI today, but he was listed as out as of today.'

On finding future quarterback: 'I don't know that it is important to settle in on one quarterback. Stanback and Bonnell athletically compliment each other. If we were 6-0 that's one thing, but we're not. We have a constant rotation at receiver and know one seems to be able to stay healthy for a week. A lot of the pressure falls on the shoulders of the quarterback because they are athletic and they need to make some plays. I don't know if it is important to settle in with one guy. If you are talking about the future I think that it is better to have two or three guys that are experienced moving forward as opposed to having one guy taking all of the snaps. When you have a situation in the past like Cody Pickett where you have him taking every snap, we got into this season with little or no experience at the quarterback position. I think that the way that we are doing it this season is probably better, not that we are talking this season off because I don't want to come off like that. An experienced Isiah Stanback, Carl Bonnell, and an experienced Casey Paus makes the next go around even better.'

On USC overall: 'They look really good and they are a tremendous college football team. They have nothing that they are not good at and they just make everything look so easy. They function at an unbelievably efficient rate and do a lot of things with people that are multitalented. They probably have the best offensive line in the country and Reggie Bush. Defensively they are a great bunch of athletes with a defensive line that will remind me of coaching on Sundays. They have it all.'

On USC defense: 'Those guys are good and they will take away from so many things that you do as an offense. They have a very good scheme and are well coached obviously. They are very athletic and like we saw against Stanford when they decided to put the hammer down, that was it. They are athletically and physically capable of dominating a game defensively without letting you have anything. You look at the scores and realize that Arizona State is a good team, but they were down 45-7 at halftime.'

On preparing for Reggie Bush: 'He is going to be faster than the fastest guy on your team. He was the state sprint champion in the state of California, so you know that he can fly and he is a marvelous athlete. You better know where he is on every snap, because it is going to be hard to miss him. He can run and catch while making you miss and he is just good with the ball. I am pretty sure that he could pass and if they wanted him to punt he could probably do that too. There isn't anything that he can't do.'

On playing the number one team: 'We have played a lot of big teams here like Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and USC last year when they were on the march to go on to win the National Championship. We played okay for awhile until the end against USC, but obviously we are going to respect them. We know that they are talented and they are the defending National Champions and they are still number one in the country. We need to go about our business and get ready. I think that our guys are going to be excited to play against the number one team in the country. What the heck, let's just let it fly.'

On being a five-touchdown underdog: 'In my life, there were probably some years where we were this big of an underdog.'

On USC getting back number one ranking from the 1970's: 'They have a lot of talented players and if you look at their recruiting classes in the last few years, they are number one in their recruiting classes. If you do that for a few years you are going to stockpile a lot of talent because the top players in the west went to USC. They are coached well and they have really good schemes on both sides of the ball.'

On recruiting Reggie Bush: 'I wasn't the head coach when we recruited him and he came here, but I wasn't involved in his visit. He was a great high school football player.'

On kicking off out of bounds to avoid Reggie Bush: 'We are thinking about it, that's for sure. Every time that he has the ball in his hands you are going to be nervous because he is remarkable. You would love to be able to kick everything through the back of the end zone and not worry about kicking the ball to him.'

On if Bush will start against Washington: 'I am going to consider him a starter. I know that White is a heck of a back too, but I am going to consider Reggie the starter. The two of them could even be on the field at the same time.'

On Bonnell's future return: 'I would like to see him compete, but I would have to see where he is health wise. He needs to be able to be healthy and compete. I was really impressed with what Isiah did on offense because of his athletic ability. We have struggled throwing the ball and the way that he played really opened up some passing game for us that we have not had. We had some people catching balls down field and making some plays. I would like to think that we are at the place now where whoever is back there will use their athletic ability to make some plays. We are going to play some tremendous defenses that can get in on the quarterback very quickly, so there are going to be times where the quarterback is going to have to make plays on his own.'

On changing play book since last year: 'Well obviously we are going to take some plays out that we would do with Cody, because we are not that team anymore. We are certainly a different team at quarterback and I think that Cody was definitely blessed to have a lot of skilled players around him on offense. Not just Reggie and Charles, but Paul Arnold, Pat Reddick, Kevin Ware, and Jerramy Stevens. We had an abundance of players and all of these skilled people for Cody to work with for awhile. Now we seem to have a different group of receivers every weekend and we can't play like we did.'

On starting quarterback: 'We will probably find out on Tuesday in practice.'

On defensive line: 'It is a lot different. We get Mike Mapu back and I think that his leg is ready to play. We have to move Manase (Hopoi) inside because we have lost two other defensive tackles. Caesar (Rayford) now becomes a factor with the one defensive end and that is what we have.'

On defense against Oregon State: 'I thought they played fine. Greyson did fine by making a big play early in the game with a tackle on the outside of the field. Erick Lobos has impressed me since he first started playing. He is not the biggest guy on the field, but he is scrappy with some quickness in there. It was Caesar's first opportunity and I think that overtime he will begin to understand things better. We are also at the point where we have to play these kids because we are running low on people.'

On first down spike near end of Oregon State game: 'I think if you we were to have a veteran guy back there we would have let him call his own play or get a signal from the sidelines. At the time with Isiah we had to make sure that he knows what he is calling with the group that he had out there. I figured we would have a better shot that way because he could even run one in himself. That's why we spiked it. We also lost some receivers to injury, so the group of people that we had practiced in the part of the field all week was now no longer on the field with the loss of Quentin and Charles. We thought it would be better to give him something word of mouth so that he understands what he is going as opposed to him trying to figure out a play that he isn't familiar with at the time. We were running low on timeouts and I would rather throw the ball with the chance of incompletions stopping the clock as opposed to something going wrong on a run and the clock keeps moving as you try to get everyone lined up again for the next play. Honestly I felt a little stuck on choosing the right players to put on the field, so that is why you call a timeout in that situation.'

On Mario Bailey as Franklin's head coach: 'Mario Bailey can be just about anything that he wants to be. He is a bright guy and a real competitor. I love him like a sun because he is a marvelous young person and I think that he will make a terrific coach at any level. People have always gravitated towards him and he has great leadership skills. He calls me every week to see how I am doing and we have been able to maintain a great relationship.'

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