Karl Dorrell Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 25, 2004


Good afternoon everyone. Recapping the game from Saturday, as you know it was a very disappointing loss. We had some good things that were done and we improved upon in the game. It was a heck of a football game. That's one thing. When we came back and watched it on Sunday and went through the whole process with watching film, it was a very competitive football game. The difference in the game was that we made some mistakes early and they capitalized on some of those mistakes. They came out with a big lead and we fought ourselves back into the game by halftime and came up with a couple of turnovers that translated in points for us. We had an excellent third quarter. With seven minutes left, actually it was seven minutes and 12 seconds from what I saw on our film, we were up 42-31 and in pretty good position for an opportunity to win the football game and we didn't. We didn't finish. We were competitive and played hard and did all the things you need to do. But you need to learn how to finish. That is what we are real close at doing as a team. Unfortunately we just came up a little bit short. We are at the point now where we know what we are capable of doing. It is two weeks in a row now that we played against two highly-ranked teams. There is a lot to build from this past week. Our kids are not moping around. The coaches are not moping around. We are all excited about the opportunity this week. We fell off the horse on Saturday and we jumped right back on it Sunday afternoon. We are excited to play against Stanford this week. I'd like take the next few moments to answer any of your questions please.

Is Trey Brown going to start this week?
Trey Brown will start this week. He came in during the middle of the game and made a couple of really good plays. Like I tell most corners that play for the first time, you're going to get picked on and you're going to get beat at some point. He is a great kid who will build from this. He showed a lot of guts and played well. Unfortunately he made a mistake on a coverage play and they capitalized on it. But that is going to happen. Corners are going to get beat from time to time. He is ready to roll and step in and play for us this week.

You talked about the team learning to finish. Can you teach that or is that something the team has to learn on its own?
I think you have to learn on your own. To be in games like that and to have opportunities like we did, you have to learn how to finish a game. That is a learning process for young players and in some cases for older players too, who have not been in those situations before. We are closer and closer to being where we want to be. We watched the tape yesterday. They saw the positions that we were in. They saw the opportunities that we had in our grasp. We just didn't finish and those are the things we will build and continue to work with as we finish these next four games of the season.

What is the status of Chris Horton's injury?
Chris Horton has a foot sprain. It is a pretty significant one. He will not be available this week. It swelled up on him Sunday. He is still on crutches. It is one of those injuries where he won't be able to run or do anything until the swelling goes down and that is probably going to take a little while.

Did you have a chance to play the last seven minutes of the game and see anything you would've done differently on defense?
It wasn't just a defensive issue. In the state of that game, the play calls weren't bad, we just have to execute. We have to turn the antennas up that much more and finish the game. It's like when a boxer gets a punch on a guy and he buckles his legs and sees that he's hurt. He attacks him. It's the same kind of deal. When you are in the position to do something like that, you have to attack and finish what you've started. And that is something we will learn to do.

When you look at the team, what type of attitude do you see that you're happy with at this point?
I'm happy with this team because it is no where close to last year's team. It is a totally different makeup and a totally different mindset. The character of this team is unbelievable. We have been in this situation before this year. We have lost games and we have responded and played hard and did some good things the following week. Our attitude right now is that we know we are really close. We see it. Unfortunately we did not prove it and complete it last week. That is why they are eager to take those next steps forward to get this thing where it should be.

When you saw the tape, were Drew Olson's interceptions anything different than what you saw during the game?
Drew played well. He had great stats. He made a couple mistakes that he knows he wish he wouldn't have done. He knew right after he threw it. That is the sign of a guy who is mature. A sign of a guy who really understands the process of what he's doing in directing an offense. He is just as frustrated as anybody with that type of thing happening in the middle of a football game. But if you look at the other side of it, he had some strings in the middle of the game when he got hot. He started doing some really good things. You talk about character, there are a lot of quarterbacks that when you have that type of start, you can't get them to finish. You can't get them to do things right from that point on. He shows that type of resolve as a player to just get refocused and do great things. That is what I love about the kid. He is very grounded. It takes a lot to rattle him and he wasn't rattled. He just kept fighting and I think he is really playing well for us.

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