Q & A with Jessica Veris

Oct. 27, 2004

The top-ranked Washington volleyball team (17-0, 9-0 Pac-10) is off to its second-best start in the program's history. The Huskies begin the second half of their Pac-10 slate Thursday at Oregon State and will face Oregon on Friday. UW swept both Oregon schools in Seattle earlier this season.

This week, gohuskies.com talks with junior Jessica Veris who led Washington to a pair of 3-0 victories over California and Stanford last week with a .586 hitting percentage. She averaged 3.33 kpg in the matches and had 21 points.

Gohuskies.com: What are your thoughts on the season so far?

Jessica Veris: 'I think we are doing a great job, our team works hard everyday. I think we accomplish new goals that we've set prior to practice and I think we just have a little improvement everyday and every week.'

Gohuskies.com: What are your thoughts on being ranked No. 1 right now?

JV: 'I think it's awesome. Sometimes it's hard to grasp. We have come a long way since my freshman year when we were ranked No. 8 in the Pac-10. Being number one is a great accomplishment.'

Gohuskies.com: How do you feel about Sanja Tomasevic being out, how does that affect the team?

JV: 'She's a great player, it was a loss to our team but we have so much depth on our team in every position. I think we have all these players that could come in and not replace but get things rolling.'

Gohuskies.com: How do you feel about facing Oregon and Oregon State this weekend?

JV: 'I'm excited. We like playing the Oregon teams. I would say I am probably not as nervous going into these games as I would maybe USC or Stanford. But every match we have to take one step at a time and there is still that feeling that we have to get the job done.'

Gohuskies.com: How did you feel about sweeping in the Pac-10 and currently being 9-0 in the Pac-10?

JV: 'Once again I think our hard work has paid off. We go into practice every day working on new things. Its about results.'

Gohuskies.com: Did you ever dream of being undefeated?

JV: 'That's always a dream to be number one. Coming into it I think we just wanted to just keep moving up from where we left off. We left off in the Elite Eight last year, I think we wanted to make it to the Final Four. Being number one is a great feeling.'

Gohuskies.com: Being from California, what drew you to Washington?

JV: 'I got recruited by Jim. I think he talked to my high school coach and I talked to my high school coach as well. When I came up here on my recruiting trip I really liked the school, it was a beautiful campus and I really liked Seattle. A lot of my decision came from me liking the team and the coaches. The whole coaching staff was awesome and the girls, I got along so well with them.'

Gohuskies.com: What is the team cohesion like?

JV: 'I would say there are no dysfunctional parts of our team. We're definitely a tight-nit family. We hang out together on the weekends.'

Gohuskies.com: What are your goals for the season?

JV: 'My goals are just to get better everyday as a middle because I used to play an outside. I feel like I just want to keep learning and working on new areas of the game and just keep improving. Ultimately, I want to be playing in Long Beach in December at the Final Four.'