Q & A with Kim Taylor

Oct. 27, 2004

The sixth-ranked Washington women's soccer team (12-3-1) plays its final regular-season road game, Friday against Washington State. Kick-off is 2 p.m. at Lower Soccer Field in Pullman. The Huskies swept the Oregon schools on the road last week to improve to 3-2-1 in Pac-10 play.

This week, gohuskies.com talks to junior Kim Taylor who ranks third on the team with five goals and is tied for second with four assists. Taylor ranks among UW's all-time leading scorers as she is listed ninth in career goals (18), fifth in career assists (17), third in game-winning goals (8) and third in game-winning assists (8).

Gohuskies.com: Would you comment on last weekend's road sweep of the Oregon schools?

KT: 'This was a huge weekend for us because we needed to get two wins in the Pac-10 going into our last three games. A lot of teams lost in the Pac-10 and we were the only team in the Pac-10 with two wins.'

Gohuskies.com: What was it like to win Friday at Oregon State in overtime after rallying to tie the game late in regulation?

KT: 'I knew we had to win that game. We played such a good game, that was the crazy part. Our team played so well. We created 30 something chances and they were good. Tina (Frimpong) hit one off the post and Kelley (Schweighart) hit one off the post. Our team just played really well and we were still down with three or four minutes left in the game. We just needed to get that. As soon as we were in overtime I think everyone knew we were going to win. We deserved that game.'

Gohuskies.com: What are your thoughts on playing Friday at Washington State in your final regular-season road game?

KT: 'This weekend's game is huge for us because Washington State really considers us their big rival. So, going to their home when we have a very similar record is going to be a big game. We just have to get up. They are going to have a lot of fans there. We just have to keep doing what we're doing on the road, create our own atmosphere and stay positive knowing that we have the next weekend at home.'

Gohuskies.com: Are you happy that this long stretch of road games is almost over?

KT: 'I definitely am because it is hard to live out of a suitcase. But, at the same time it has brought us really close as a team. We've really accomplished a lot by playing all of these road games and still being ranked pretty high. We've definitely accomplished a lot and I feel a lot closer to everyone.'

Gohuskies.com: How much attention do you pay to the national rankings that have you listed No. 6 this week?

KT: 'In the beginning I was really paying attention because it was exciting and fun. We went from being unranked to the top, like No. 3 or 4. But, as time has gone by you see that teams are losing and teams are winning. It's the middle of the season and teams are tired. It's not so much the rankings that matter anymore, it's just how we are playing and getting wins.'

Gohuskies.com: You have put up some impressive statistics and are steadily rising in the school record book. Do you keep track of where you rank among all-time Huskies in the record book?

KT: 'To be honest I don't even know where to look for it. It's exciting to score, but at the same time it's just as exciting when anyone else scores. Tina (Frimpong) got Pac-10 Player of the Week this week and that's amazing. I'm excited for her. It goes all the way from Kelsey (Rasmussen) in the goal to the forwards to the people on the bench. Everyone contributes and I don't think the individual numbers mean anything.'

Gohuskies.com: Would you comment on playing alongside Tina Frimpong and what it may be like for you with her gone next year?

KT: 'This year we have really come into our own as a pair. We're playing well together. We find each other, we look for each other and we know how each of us play and where we want the ball. It's amazing and so much fun. At the same time, the coaches have been bringing people in and mixing and matching everyone, so we have a lot of good forwards on this team. I'm going to miss Tina more than anything in the world next year, but I know she'll be on the sideline watching next year. We're going to be good, so I'm really excited for my fifth year.'

Gohuskies.com: What are your plans after next year when you finish playing UW soccer?

KT: 'It's far ahead to think, but I will probably do something in business. I'm thinking about going to graduate school. I'll do something that makes me happy and I'm not sure where that's going to take me yet.'