Women's Basketball Pac-10 Media Day Quotes

Oct. 27, 2004

Washington State Coach Sherri Murrell

On turning the program around:
'When I took over the program in 2002 the first thing I looked at was 'how are we going to win?' and 'how are we going to eliminate losing?' I think our program is going in the right direction... we're taking positive steps. The kids had to believe that we could win, they haven't had any winning. My first couple of years have been tough, because it was close, and they weren't used to winning. You can get used to winning but you can also get used to losing.'

'We've always talked about small victories in our program, but now we're talking about bigger victories. I don't like moral victories...we just have to recruit, we got to get kids that are skillful and competitive and I believe that we're doing that.'

On playing in Italy over the summer:
'It was great for us to go over. They produce a lot of good teams over there. It went down to the wire in each one of those games.'

On the team's outlook in 2004:
'Our problem in our program is that we have good starts and we have good ends, but it's that middle that we're forgetting...our lack of size is going to be our biggest factor, but we're going to be much more athletic than in the past.'