Q & A With Jackie Hollands

Oct. 29, 2004

Freshman hoopster Jackie Hollands talks to GoHuskies.com correspondent Jesse Hulsing as she prepares for the start of her first collegiate season. Hollands talks about how she is making the transition from high school to college.

GoHuskies.com: Were you recruited heavily out of high school?

Jackie Hollands: I had about thirty different schools interested in me, the big ones were places like Cal, Colorado, Santa Clara and of course, the University of Washington.

GH: What lead you to the University of Washington?

Hollands: I'm from Oregon so location was a huge part of it. I also was really impressed with the coaches, I talked on the phone a lot to them; even without meeting them in person, I got a good feel of the personalities that they had and the type of people that they were. When I came up for the visit and met the team I was sold.

GH: What are your goals for the season?

Hollands: As a team we want to win Pac-10, we feel we have the opportunity to do that, especially if we develop ourselves as a running team. For me, I just want to make the transition to college, there is so much to learn!

GH: Coach Daugherty talked about turning the Huskies into a running team. What do you think of that?

Hollands: I think it's great, we have a lot of athleticism. We also played a non-stop full court game at Oregon City, always pressing, and running all over the place. We have a team full of guards at UW, so having a strong running game is our best chance of having a successful season.

GH: You say that the team has a lot of guards, does it bother you that you might not get much playing time?

Hollands: Yeah, we do have a lot of guards, but with a running game we may have to rotate in and out a lot to stay fresh, so there is a good chance that I might get some playing time.

GH: How tough is it balancing practices and classes?

Hollands: Well, it doesn't help that I'm taking chemistry, but I think its going alright. Its a lot tougher than high school. I've got so many things to balance: my tutors, my study sessions, and training tables, just to name a few.

GH: Do the older girls help you out?

Hollands: I was so surprised at how much they are willing to help. They are so awesome. We have a buddy system that pairs us up with upperclassmen. It gives us an outlet and a way for us to get to know an older girl. It's really cool.

GH: Do you have a favorite shot?

Hollands: The three! I love the three.

GH: What are you thinking of majoring in?

Hollands: I was going to do pre-med, but chemistry is so hard. I don't know if I'll stay with it.

GH: Are you looking forward to playing in front of thousands of fans?

Hollands: Yeah, I'm excited, and nervous. I know it will be nervewracking my first game but I'm really excited. I went to a lot of games last year and it was incredible.