Off the Trail with Haley Paul

Oct. 29, 2004

Freshman Haley Paul has developed into one of the Cougar's top runners. Paul, from Phoenix, Ariz., led the Washington State women finishers at both the Roy Griak Invitational in Minneapolis, Minn., and the Terre Haute, Ind., Pre-Nationals.


Color - Baby Blue.

Movie - All of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Books - Definitely the Harry Potter series. The last one is probably my favorite. Each one gets better. They are all good.

TV Show - I'd say Boy Meets World. I just like that show.

Pro-Team - I used to love the Phoenix Suns but then they started being really bad. I guess I'm one of those flakey fans that likes them when they're good! Probably the Suns. Not the Cardinals, definitely not the Cardinals.

Musical Artist - That's tough. I like Incubus because they are good pump up and I like a local bad from Arizona called the Format. They're good.

Class at WSU - Yes! Anthropology with Starkey Nicholson. I'm excited about that.

Before each race I... do my hair in a bun. I don't wear any lucky socks or anything like that. The night before I've gotta eat spaghetti, salad and breadsticks. No lucky clothes or anything, you can't rely on those clothes.

Do you have most memorable race? - Yeah! The Arcadia Invitational last year. I won the 1600m. It was like the best moment of my life. I wasn't favored to win at all and that was the best part of it.

Best thing about Pullman - I love that it is so different from Phoenix. That's like the biggest thing. Small town and I'm in the university setting so that obviously is awesome. The change in weather, the small town atmosphere, no driving far, far, you know! The farthest you're gonna drive is like five minutes. I like that!

Thing you miss most about home - The little things. My mom or dad cooking barbeque on Sunday. You know, stuff like that. I'm not homesick but excited to go home kinda thing.

Have you had an embarrassing 'freshman' moment at WSU? - Not yet! Hopefully that won't happen. Let's hope it doesn't happen!

Fantasy Job? - Somewhere I get to travel. Maybe like South America or Mexico where I can use Spanish. And then like I was even thinking tour guide cause that would be amazing! You get to talk about cool stuff and you get to meet cool people, that would be cool.

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be? - Hicham El Guerrouj. He'd be cool. He won a few big Olympic things. (The Moroccan runner became only the second man in history to win gold in the 1500m and 5000m at same Olympic Games at the 2004 Athens Olympics)

Most prized possession - I have a heart blanket, but that is semi-recent. I don't know!

How did you end up at WSU? - Well, JD (Head Coach Jason Drake) was one of the first people to call me and I was totally excited. I always wanted to go Pac-10 Northwest and this was like the perfect opportunity. The change of weather and a total different town, that all was part of it. And JD was such an awesome guy. I think he was the main reason. He's just such a cool coach.