2004 Pac-10 Cross Country Championships Quotes

Oct. 30, 2004

Amy Hastings - Arizona State - women's 6K winner

On being Arizona State's first cross country Pac-10 champion for men or women
'It makes me so proud to be apart of this great tradition and be able to be the first of many that are coming along. It's a great feeling.'

On the race itself
'I was with (Alicia Craig, Stanford). We were even for about 3000 meters. After that, I was just trying to stay with her. It was a battle with me. She was ahead the whole time. I kept getting closer and then falling back and getting closer. Every time I started to fall back, I would get it in my head that I had to stay with her. I can't let her go. I really wanted it. I had coaches cheering for me when I got closer. With about 400 to go I just kicked it in and held her off.'

On her expectations coming into the race
'We really wanted to do well as a team, do our best as a team, get it done. I really wanted to win. Just go out there and have fun.'

On her personal finish
'I feel that I've gotten better in every race. I'm just happy that I'm able to run again. I didn't get to train all summer. It's coming along now. I'm looking forward to the regionals.'

Robert Cheseret - Arizona - men's 8K winner

On winning the Pac-10 title
'It was surprising. At a couple meets, I've been struggling a little bit. It was surprising that I won. I feel good.'

On the turning point in the race
'After 4K, we started to pick it up. Ryan Hall (Stanford) started to push it. That's when we made the move. With 800 to go, I started my kick.'

On where this win ranks in your career
'For cross country, this is the biggest meet I've won. In track, I won the 5K at nationals last year.'

Lindsey Maclise - Cal's top female finisher

On her expectations before the race
'It's my senior year and my last race so I was ready to give it everything I had. I wanted to compete, fight the people around me, be competitive, rather than just getting through it. I wanted to help the team. Maia (Ruznic) was right behind me. I could hear her breathing the whole time.'

On hosting the Pac-10 Championships'It was exciting. There was a lot of pride. It's a beautiful course, perfect weather. To me, it didn't matter where I finished as long as I helped the team. I knew I was going to have a good race.'

Girmay Guangul - Cal's top male finisher

On Cal's performance today
'It's not where we wanted to be, but we're getting better each week. We're just going to look forward to the next meet.'

Dena Evans - Stanford women's coach

On your team's performance today
'It was fine. We got the job done. We wanted to run aggressively and see where that took us. It got us to the Pac-10 Championships, and that's good enough. I'm excited for the next two weeks.'

On whether there were any surprises today
'Not really. We knew ASU would come out and be really aggressive and confident and highly motivated. We wanted to come in and defend the Pac-10 championship with confidence. I think we did that. One of the things I enjoy about our team is that there are a number of runners that can step up. Our order isn't always the same.'

Andrew Gerard - Stanford men's coach

On Stanford's performance
'Obviously, it's great to win. That was out goal from the beginning, to win the title. That starts our championship season. Hopefully that keeps the ball rolling.'

On surprises during today's race
'Yes and no. We had a good deep tradition, so it's expected that if someone isn't having the best day, someone else will step up. In one sense, yes, there were some individuals that stepped up, but from a team perspective, no. It's our tradition that people will step in and do a great job.'

Tony Sandoval - Cal men's and women's coach

'This course is a rhythm breaker. People go out a little fast. I felt the kids ran well. Girmay (Guangul) ran very well. Kevin Davis ran very good. We don't have enough depth right now where if we lose one person, we have a hard time making it up.'

'Girmay is coming on. He runs very well at Fresno. Of course, the longer distance will certainly be to his favor. He's done a great job coming back from his knee surgery. We're looking to get him to nationals as an individual. Giliat could also be there as well. If we hit a homer with everyone, we'll end up breaking the top 10 teamwise on the men's side.'

'The women did a good job considering where we're at not having Abby (Parker) and Bridget (Duffy). The kids ran well. Maja and Lindsey ran very well in terms of their times and where they were before. They ran very hard and very tough. I'm pleased with them.'