Beavers Row To Second-Place Finishes

Oct. 30, 2004

PORTLAND, Ore. - Oregon State participated in the Portland LO/OP Regatta on the Willamette River between Lake Oswego and Oaks Park on Saturday. Oregon State finished second in all five races in which it rowed.

Two other Pac-10 schools participated on Saturday, with Washington winning both the men's and women's championship and collegiate eights and Oregon won the women's collegiate four.

'This race represents our first Pac-10 competition this season,' OSU women's assistant coach Kushlani De Soyza said 'Washington is always good competition, and they rowed strong today.'

While the Oregon State crews did not win a race, there is a feeling of a bright future in the Oregon State boathouse.

'Both our first and second boats learned a lot about their strengths and weaknesses early in the season,' said De Soyza 'We feel confident that there is a lot more team speed in our team, especially since, along with our many seniors, we have a big group of underclassmen that are relatively new to the sport.'

The next Oregon State crew race will be in two weeks on Sunday, November 14 where both the men and women will compete in the Head of the Lake Regatta in Seattle, Washington.


WOMENS COLLEGIATE FOUR- 1. Oregon, 25:35.27; 2. Oregon State, 26:15.77; 3. Portland A, 28:09.39; 4. Portland B, 29:29.73; 5. Portland State, 29:52.28. WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP EIGHT- 1. Washington, 22:13.95; 2. Oregon State, 23:25.17. WOMEN'S COLLEGIATE EIGHT- 1. Washington, 22:17.90; 2. Oregon State, 23:29.63; 3. Portland, 30:03.64; 4. Portland State, 31:16.16.

MEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP EIGHT-1.Washington, 2.Oregon State. MEN'S COLLEGIATE EIGHT- 1. Washington, 2. Oregon State A, 3. Oregon State B, 4. Portland.