Post Game Quotes

Oct. 30, 2004

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Onside kick to open the game...'That was my fault. We tried to take a chance early. We thought their tackle was leaving early. Loren Langley was onside kicking it great all week.'

Outscoring USC in the second half...'I'm proud of our kids. They battled. We had some young guys that never gave up.'

'They competed, got better, and battled them one play at a time.'

Lack of running game...'We tried to run the ball, but it is hard to run when the defensive tackle is in the backfield. I was afraid of their defensive tackles and the defensive line and they did a nice job. It forced us to throw the football. We couldn't handle their front.'

USC's strength...'We played a team that was quite honestly better than we were. Our kids battled in the second half. We have some good, young kids that did some good things. Alex Brink hung in there and battled pretty well, but early it was tough.'

Sparse crowd in the second half...'I thank the fans that stayed. There were a whole lot of Cougs that hung in there and stuck it out with us, and I appreciate their loyalty and their support.'

UCLA next week...'We are going to take it one at a time. We have UCLA next week and that's our goal. We are going to go down and try to beat UCLA. We are going to try to get that done and get better.'


Pat Bennett, Linebacker

Onside kick to open the game...'We were just trying to get something started. It backfired and put us in a hole. The first half belonged to them.'

USC...'They are a good team. They are quicker than a lot of teams that we have played. They have good speed and balance.'

Reggie Bush...'He is an awesome athlete. He has that speed to where even if you think you have him, he can give you a little juke and he is gone.'

Looking ahead to UCLA...'We are going down to UCLA and hopefully start playing the way we can play and get a win.'

Alex Brink, Quarterback

14-0 before offense took the field...'It was kind of like last week. It's tough for any offense to come out of a hole like that.'

USC's defensive line...'Their defensive line was very good. When you have a defensive line like that, you can do a lot of things. They have a lot of the athletes on that side of the ball. The defensive line is the strength of their defense. They were effective all over the place on defense today, but I think it starts with their line.'

Starting second game against No. 1 USC...'It's a tough situation, but this week I felt more comfortable and at ease with the speed of the game.'

On their performance...'We were in a difficult situation here, but our guys came ready and rearing to play. We came out of the shoots just fine. I'm really excited about our ability to jump on the opportunities and maximize them, early in the game. We really took the game over very early. Both sides of the ball were clicking, I like the way we were pushing all the way through the end of the first half. We came out and had a really nice opening drive in the first group in there and we started to sub after that. We ran into some problems with guys coming off the bench and they weren't as ready as they needed to be. So we got it back in order and finished out a really nice conference win for us and we're really proud of it.'

On the off side kick...'We really anticipated something was going to happen because they have done a lot of creative kicks kicking off and we thought that something was up. I believe their kicker got hurt in pre-game, their kick-off guy, and so I think they went with their second kick-off guy and maybe that's why he wasn't quite ready to do it. But that was a great opportunity for us.'

On QB Matt Leinart's performance...'Oh I thought matt was just on it. He had a great game, really hit all of the stuff we had hoped to hit on when we took our shots down the field. I don't know his percentage was, but it was just a great night of moving the ball around and managing the game in great fashion. He just had another terrific night for us.'

SHAUN CODY, Defensive Line

On how the team pulled together...'We got stocked up. Guys were coming together. We pulled together out there and we got excited.'

On the second string playing...'I think it's great. We have guys that can come in and play and have a good time out there. Its good for them to get experience and it also help us keep us fresh.'

MIKE PATTERSON, Defensive Tackle

On the USC Defense...'We just feel like we just got out there more in practice and everything. You know, going out there and dominate the run and everything so we could force them to pass the ball.'

On the defense pressuring the QB...'We have me, Shaun [Cody], Manny [Manuel Wright], and Frostee [Rucker], and Lawrence Jackson and you know all of us out there, we want the four-man rush, the less blitz, the better for us to get a sack and everything. So that's what the thing is. We just crunch down on the four man rush.'


On USC's performance...'I feel real good. We had a solid performance today, I feel like we came out and we dominated early, which is one of our main focuses. We just want to take the crowd out of it early, and we did that and from there on out it was all about us.'

On the first few minutes...'I think it played in big because we wanted to take the crowd out of it as soon as possible. We lost our territory and a crowd can really be a factor in games like this. We did a really good job today on taking the crowd out early and scoring quick, and staying dominate through the whole game

On his punt return...'It was a great play. Great boxing provided by my teammates, and from then on out, it was me making the play.'

MATT LEINART, Quarterback

On why he re-entered the game...'There were a bunch of things going on; we can't afford to turn the ball over. He just let me know that the next series after that fumble that I'd be going. Just hand the ball off, and try to establish a rhythm and get some first downs and use the clock.'

On the weather...'It was fine, we expected it all week. We had rain this week in California and rain last week, so we've been practicing in these conditions. When it starts snowing or hailing, its just fun. It's what football is all about. We were prepared. It didn't really matter though, its not going to affect us and the way we play.'

On the wind...'Not too much. There were a few balls that fluttered on me a little bit I thin, but due to a wet ball or whatever, but you just go out there and execute.'