Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 31, 2004

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Postgame Quotes
Exhibition vs. Baden Sports

Head Coach June Daughtery

General Comments: 'This is the earliest that we've started before and with all the new faces we have, not just the five freshman, but also the three who didn't play last year, you're talking about eight kids who were playing out there. For the most part, I thought the execution was about where it was going to be. We were able to look over quite a few lineups both halfs and were able to see some chemistry, who was playing well with each other. It's a start and for an exhibition game, this was a tough team. It was good to see a couple of former players also.'

On early nerves: 'They were excited, they were here early. You have to give them a chance to settle in and they did. I thought the second half we played harder and I liked the intensity of that second lineup that we went with. It's a good start, but we're going to have to play a lot harder than we did.'

On positives of game: 'I thought we played a lot harder in the second half. I thought we went to the boards a lot harder, that was something that we're always concerned about. We might give up size, but I think we are quick, so we need to use our quickness to be a little more aggressive that way. I think defensively we could have been a little bit more aggressive than we were.'

On starters settled: 'Maybe one or two have secured starting spots after today's game. We'd like to see people step up there and secure those spots and be a little more consistent every day in practice. I think we have the opportunity to be a lot deeper this year. We have a lot of athletic, skilled kids. I think we'll go deeper, but it would be good to solidify those starting spots.'

Guard Kayla Burt

On if it was fun to be back playing: 'Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I was one of the ones here really early. I was just so antsy this morning. But it was fun just to get out there and put a uniform on and get a taste of what this season's going to be about.'

On the team: 'I love this team. I've played on different types of teams but I've never quite been on a team like this. Like June said, we're so quick and so it's fun to play with people that are going to run with you and get up and down the floor. That's what we're looking for this year.'

On if she feels she is doing something historic: 'I don't really think about that. People might look at it like that. For me, I don't even remember all the things that have happened to me when I'm playing because I'm so conscious of what's going on on the court and I'm just having a good time. I think later in life is when I'm really going to realize how cool it was to be able to come back and play. But right now I'm so caught up in the excitement with what's going on with our team that I'm not really caught up with the historical aspects.'

Forward Jill Bell

On the style of play: 'We just have a really quick lineup and everyone's really athletic. It was nice to see new faces out there and the court and having Kayla and Kristen (O'Neill) back on the court.'

On her shot: 'I worked on it a little bit over the summer. I knew that I would have to step up a little bit at my position and so I've been working on it outside with my friends and it's exciting to be playing right now.'