Husky Player Quotes

Nov. 1, 2004

FULLBACK Zach Tuiasosopo
On Gilbertson's resignation:
'It is a hard thing to take because Coach Gilbertson was the guy that recruited me. I have been with him for five years now and he has made a major impact on my career.'

On team's mentality:
'The mood of the team right now hasn't really sank in yet and we don't want it to. As players, you understand what goes on in college football with the coaches if they don't win. The only reason for this season being the way that it was is because of us players. We weren't playing well and we weren't producing enough. It just gives us something to think about because if we had played well this could have been a different situation. It was a hard decision to take in right now.'

On the pressure on coaches and players:
'We wanted to win for the coaches because they put themselves on the line for us. They stay here, they work hard, and they break down film. They coach as hard as they can and for us to go out and not play well as players doesn't help. If you think about it was players, all you want to do is go out there and play the best that you can.'

On the last three games:
'I am going to take everything that they tell me to do and change it on the field. We can't take it too hard, we just have to try and better ourselves for the future.'

Advice for younger players on finishing the year:
'I would say to just keep your heads up and just concentrate for the next three games. We have to go out and play hard to try and get some wins to finish the season.'

LINEBACKER Joe Lobendahn
On how he found out about Gilbertson's resignation:
'I got a text message from Zach (Tuiasosopo) during class saying that coach Gilbertson was resigning. I thought that he was going to finish out the season this year and get another chance to go out strong next year. Being a head coach, you really need three to five years to get a program back to where it was.'

On decision to announce resignation early:
'I would want to hear this after the season instead of right now because we have three games to go this season. With all of this it is kind of a flashback of what happened with the Rick Neuheisel situation. Things are just hard right now and I hope that the players don't take this too negatively. We just need to go out there and play hard to finish the season and try to get some wins.'

WIDE RECEIVER Charles Frederick
On effect on team:
'It kind of put some bad emotions into this team, but he is a great coach. In these last three games we need to go out and make sure that we give a good effort to try and win.'

On team's reaction at meeting:
'Everybody looked like they were down and you could probably have heard a pin drop in that room. Everybody was so quiet like someone had passed away because coach Gilbertson was leaving.'

On why this year's team is 1-7:
'I would say that we had bad luck. We had captains and starters getting hurt all of the time and it wasn't like we were trying to get hurt. We were going out and giving our all, but unfortunately people were going out and getting hurt at the same time.

On team's adjustment to Gilbertson:
'I don't think that it was hard to adjust because he was an offensive coordinator for us before he became the head coach. He knew the way that this team was ran and he coached under Neuheisel, so I don't think that it was that hard for us to adjust.'

CORNERBACK Derrick Johnson
On remainder for season:
'I think that we just need to win some games. Winning is where the pressure is and the University and fans have expectations of us, so we need to play hard to finish up the season.'

On how far away Washington football is from success:
'We have a lot of young guys right now with only three seniors starting and five actively playing right now, so this a going to be a strong and experienced group of guys. I don't think that it is going to take much for us to get better and this team should be pretty good next year.'

On last three games:
'We have to win to finish up the season because this is my senior year and I don't want to go out losing. You have to go out there and play. We have to play for each other because these are the memories that we are going to have for the rest of our lives.'

On decisions effect on team:
'I think that the focus is still going to be the same. We need to try to win a game and try to play together in an effort to pull together some wins to finish the season. Keith Gilbertson is still going to be our coach and he is my coach for the rest of my career at the University of Washington, so I am going to support him and we are going to go out and play.'

On Gilbertson's resignation:
'This is my second time going through this in the last four years. It isn't something that you want to see happen, but it does and you have to get through it.'

On this year's season:
'I am disappointed in where our season went and I think that Keith Gilbertson is a good coach. He is a good man on and off the field and I have a great deal of respect for him. I am just disappointed in the way that this season turned out for our team. It was their decision and something that they decided to do. I was surprised, but any time that you have a season like we are having some changes are going to happen. It happens all around the country and it happened to Ron Zook. When you have a major program like this, it is going to happen.'

On Gilbertson becoming head coach:
'It wasn't fair how he got the job to be handed the role of leading the team in those circumstances. I doubt anybody was going to be able to get the job done so quickly. It is tough in that situation and the same thing probably would have happened to anyone who had taken over that spot. There are all kinds of distractions that have been going on around here as well and it is almost impossible.'