In The Huddle With ... Wide Receivers Coach Ken Margerum

Nov. 5, 2004

This is the 11th installment of a weekly column that takes you inside the minds of Stanford's assistant football coaches. Each week we will converse with an assistant coach to provide an inside look at a particular area of the team. This week we continue our second round of conversations with coaches as we sit down with wide receivers coach Ken Margerum.

by Janelle Kwietkauski

JK: Can you talk about the play of the wide receivers so far this season as a group?

KM: I've been pleased with their effort level and with the way they catch the ball. They don't put the ball on the ground. They have good ball security. They understand what we (the coaches) are asking of them. I need to continue motivating them and teaching them the proper techniques, and demand perfection out of them. A coach needs to continue to motivate, instruct and demand perfection. I want them to finish out the season strong and to play like they were playing at the beginning of the season. I expect them to play with confidence.

JK: Evan Moore leads the team in TD receptions. Can you comment on his outstanding play?

KM: He is working on becoming a complete receiver and understanding how to read the coverages. He will improve with more experience. I'm working with him on repetition and muscle memory. It takes repetition, practice and time.

JK: Can you talk about the play of Mark Bradford, who has the longest pass reception of the season at 76 yards?

KM: He's a great, athletic receiver who is outstanding with the ball after the catch. We want to get the ball into his hands to exploit the defense with his running ability. He has the ability to make great catches. He has a long career ahead of him here. He is going to develop into an outstanding receiver.

JK: Justin McCullum is fourth on the team with 329 receiving yards. Can you comment on his play?

KM: He has played some outstanding football because he is self-confident. He is a very smart receiver and understands coverages. He is becoming a leader of the receiving corps. He has put together a real nice season so far, and I would like to see it continue.

JK: Can you talk about the play of Greg Camarillo, who has been a solid contributor this season?

KM: He can do everything. He is very smart. He has great hands. He's our best blocker. He is a very tough player. His role will continue to increase. He is a very unselfish person and a guy you can completely 100% count on. He has a lot of heart and desire when he plays the game.

JK: Stanford is playing No. 23 Arizona State this weekend. What are your expectations for the game?

KM: My expectations are to have all of our receivers prepared to play the best they can and to play with enthusiasm. We will see what happens at the end of the game. If I look in the mirror as a coach and say 'Did I prepare them as hard as I can during the week and did they play as hard as they can?,' and I can say 'yes', then chances are the scoreboard will be in our favor.