Cal-Oregon Postgame Quotes

Nov. 6, 2004

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

General Comments
'I'm extremely proud of our kids and the character they showed in the second half. In the first half, we had a little bit of trouble slowing them down. But there was never any doubt. We came out and moved the ball very well in the second half.'

'Early, we kind of shot ourselves in the foot. But I thought our defense did a tremendous job in the second half.'

'Last night, some of the players talked to the team and their message to the team was that the reason why we're successful and where we are is because we believe in one another and we care about one another. We're not caught up in a lot of the hype. It was a pleasure to hear that. I think it's been typical of our team that we believe in one another and I think that comes from a lot of hard work and dedication and sacrifice.'

On Cal's field goal kicking:
'There's no question about it. We cannot continue to do that. We were fortunate today to win the game with as many mistakes as we made, whether they were fumbles or missed field goals or what have you. Oregon is a great football team. They were 4-1 coming into this game just like us. So we're going to have to address that. We need to hit the ball more solid and give it a chance at least.'

On Oregon Quarterback Kellen Clemens
'The quarterback draw was a very timely play for them today and Kellen is very athletic and very competitive. He made some big plays.'

'I don't know if they run that much quarterback draw during the season, but I thought they really depended on that today.'

Cal Players

Joe Maningo, Linebacker
On pre-game talk he gave to teammates Friday night:'I just told them to play with a passion. Don't forget why you play this game - to have fun. The media says things like, `we're No. 4 in the BCS and stuff.' We can't focus on that. We just have to play to have fun.'

On Oregon's final pass attempt:
'My heart was bumping, pounding. It was scary, a tough one.'

On Cal's final defensive stand:
'We had the same situation last year (at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Ore.). We said if we had a chance to do it again, we'd step up to the challenge. And we did step up to the challenge. Today we knew it was up to us (defense) if we win this game.'

Ryan Gutierrez, Safety
General statement on Cal's defense:

'The first half was pretty poor. In the second half we buckled down and made some adjustments. They threw a lot of sets out that we'd seen them do maybe once this year so we had to adjust to what they were doing. They were shifty - they move more than usual. But we made the adjustments and made the plays.'

On Oregon's final pass attempt:
'I couldn't feel my body. To get that break was amazing.'

Marvin Philip, Center
On offensive line's play:

'It was a challenge for us; we knew they had some big fellas. They called our number and I'm proud of the way we responded. It was a great test today. We knew it was going to be a dog fight.'

Oregon Head Coach Mike Bellotti

General comments
'What matters? Winning and losing...making a couple plays...our inability to tackle down the stretch.'

'There are no moral victories. It doesn't get us to where we want to go.'

On Cal's second half ball control
'I think we only had one series in the third quarter. They controlled the ball, kept it away from us. We just didn't execute the way that we should. They controlled the line of scrimmage - that's probably what gave them the chance to win.'

On what he told his team
'I told them I wanted to be proud of the way they battled, I wanted to be proud of the way they played, and I wanted to be proud of the way they won. They battled. They played hard. We just didn't win.'

On Cal QB Aaron Rodgers
'He's a very accurate quarterback. He's got good movement, which helps divert pressure sometimes. He's a very good football player.'

On facing his former assistant, Cal head coach Jeff Tedford
'It was just another football game. Not at all any effect (on the game).'

Oregon Players

Kellen Clemens, Quarterback

On his feelings after the loss
'It's tough. We had our opportunities. We just lost to the No. 4 team in the nation by one point. But we're proud, we're proud of how we battled.'

On the first half
'Cal's a good football team. We jumped on them early but they fought back. They came out a little flat. I think that they were a little bit shocked by how fast we came out.'

On where Oregon goes from here
'I'm excited to go home and prepare for UCLA. We're feeling good. We'll watch some tape and get ready for them (UCLA). It's the same story. It's been the same story since week 1.'

Cameron Colvin, Wide Receiver

On Oregon's missed opportunities
'We make those plays everyday in practice. We didn't make the big plays today, and it's frustrating. We're receivers, we're supposed to make catches. It's up to the young guys to step up. We didn't step up today.'