Day Three Results From the Women's Tennis ASU/ Thunderbird Invitational

Nov. 7, 2004

Tempe, AZ - The third and final day of the ASU Women's Tennis Team Thunderbird tournament was for the most part, cancelled due to rain overnight into the morning, leaving the courts and finals matches unplayable, due to the delay and travel arrangements.

The day finally kicked off around 11:30 a.m. with the semifinals for doubles starting it off.

In the main draw doubles semifinals the Stanford duo of Whitney Deason and Lejla Hodzic were able to take down Paige Brown and Andrea Morgado of TCU in an 8-4 win. The other main draw doubles semifinal match was not played as Sun Devil Wendy Pilecka was unable to join Joslynn Burkett in playing Jessica Shu and Cristina Vidal Visico of Cal due to an injury.

In the doubles consolation round semifinals Tamar Kvaratskhelia and Maria Rosenberg of Kansas State defeated Monica Weisner and Brooke Borisoff of Cal 8-1, while Jessica Simosa and Olga Klimova also of Kansas State took down Elizabeth Exon and Nina Yaftali of Michigan 8-4.

The singles main draw final of Whitney Deason against Lejla Hodzic both of Stanford was postponed and to be decided at Stanford at a later time.

The rest of the singles consolation round and first round consolation losers were unable to be played, though matches were set up for the teams remaining to play in their place.

Results for ASU/ Thunderbird Tournament - Day Three

Main Draw Singles - Final

Whitney Deason (Stan) vs. Lejla Hodzic (Stan) - TBA @ Stanford

Singles Consolation - Final

Vana Tomas (ASU) vs. Debra Streifler (Mich) - Not Played

First Round Consolation Losers - Semifinals

Lindsay McBride (TCU) vs. Paige Brown (TCU) - Not Played

Second Round Main Draw Losers - Semifinals

Jessica Shu (Cal) vs. Tiffany Lee (Cal) - Not Played

Main Draw Doubles - Semifinals

Shu/ Visico (Cal) def. Burkett/ Pilecka (ASU) - def. injury

Deason/ Hodzic (Stan) def. Brown/ Morgado (TCU) - 8-4

Main Draw Doubles - Finals

Shu/ Visico (Cal) vs. Deason/ Hodzic (Stan) - Not Played

Doubles Consolation - Semifinals

Kvaratskhelia/ Rosenberg (KS) def. Borisoff/ Wiesner (Cal) - 8-1

Klimova/ Simosa (KS) def. Exon/ Yaftali (Mich) - 8-4

Doubles Consolation - Finals

Kvaratskhelia/ Rosenberg (KS) vs. Klimova/ Simosa (KS) - Not played

Non-tournament matches played:

Doubles -

Sly/ Goldstein (Mich) def. Bere'/ McBride (TCU) - 8-4

Rutherford/ Streifler (Mich) def. Rankin/ Capannolo (ASU) - 8-4

Capannolo/ Pooler (ASU) def. Lopez/ Nicols - 8-4

Leitch/ Tomas (ASU) def. Lee/ Kusano (Cal) - 8-4

Singles -

Joslynn Burkett (ASU) def. Maria Rosenberg (KS) - 6-4, 6-4

Rebecca Rankin (ASU) def. Jessica Simosa (KS) - 6-2, 6-2

Olga Klimova (KS) def. Kady Pooler (ASU) - 4-6, 6-4, 6-4

Tamar Kvaratskhelia (KS) def. Vana Tomas (ASU) - 6-1, 6-4