Quarterback Andrew Walter's Quotes From Monday's Press Conference

Nov. 8, 2004

On final home game and the emotions that come with it:
'It's been a long ride filled with a lot of ups and downs, tough decisions and fun times with the guys. It feels like I just got here the other day. It's going to be sad, but it's something I just have to put out of my head until after the game and then shed the tears and deal with it then.'

On relationship with Riccardo Stewart:
'In the spring before I committed, that was when we had the first chance to meet. I went out and visited him after I committed. We decided we wanted to be roommates together. We did that freshman year. We have had a good relationship. He's a guy that I respect more than a lot of people because of his attitude. He has determination and he fights through injuries. For a lack of a better description, he's a warrior. I'm glad I had a chance to play along side him because of that.'

On what it meant to stay for final senior season:
'I was thinking about that the other day. I was put into a situation where I was able to succeed. There was a chance where I could have hit the bricks and left. I never thought that should have been done. To come from out of nowhere and to go through a coaching change, 80 touchdowns later [here I am]. Who would have thought that would happen. I'm not really able to put that into words at this point.'

On the record of 80 touchdown passes:
'It's pretty sweet. I have been put in a good situation. I've had plenty of guys make plays around me, starting with Shaun [McDonald, Rams wide receiver]. There have been a lot of good people around for me to be able to do that. I have always downplayed the records. For me it's a lot more important to get wins. If you're going to be here, you might as well get everything. It's nice to have records and all those things, but I would trade them all for a national title and wins. I'm pretty happy that's the way it has worked out.'

On final home game same day at the Tillman retirement:
'Personally, me sitting here, I can't say anything. Everything that he did speaks for itself. Who am I to talk about somebody who did something that probably is the greatest thing I have ever heard. He gave away millions of dollars to go overseas and fight in the war. Nothing I could say could give any more credit to him. He got his degree in 3 years, with a great GPA and was a great football player. I had a chance to meet him for 5 seconds and hopefully I will remember those 5 seconds forever.'

On what brings out the best late in the game:
'You're back is against the wall and you know you have to go out and make plays. I suppose you can put more pressure on yourself. Two weeks ago against UCLA, no one thought we would [comeback]. When no one thinks that you're not going to do it, you just go out there and do it. There's not a whole lot of pressure coming at you from outside sources. I never try and put more pressure on myself than I have to. When it comes down to it; you just have to complete the ball. Whenever, I'm playing loose and having fun, that's when I am at my best.

On many different receiving options:
'It makes a huge difference. If a team stacks up on defense I can leave one guy one-on-one with a corner. We have a deal where every time you are a man up you should win. It's nice to have those other guys to go to. Matt Miller played one of his best games on Saturday and Zach [Miller] is consistent and always good. When you can have those options down the middle of the field that helps your outside receivers a whole lot more. When your not running the ball well, it's nice to have those other guys to throw to.'

On Rudy Burgess:
'I thought he was unbelievable. I turn, hand him the ball and watch him run. He took some of the biggest shots and just kept getting up. He also has that competitive attitude and that fire I see in Riccardo [Stewart]. I respect guys like that. He's always up for the next run. He's not the loudest guy, but you can see in his eyes how he is.'

On improvement of mobility:
'Honestly, I don't run to run. When I scramble I try to stay behind the line [of scrimmage] because one guy may come up and I can dunk it over his head and we'll get 30 yards out of it. If I run I'm probably not going to break off a 30-yarder. To me, that says I like my chances throwing it and getting the ball to the playmakers. When I'm running around back there, I'm trying to get the ball to somebody. That's just the way it has worked out so far.'

On frustration of ASU defense:
'When Stanford came down and scored and we [ASU offense] had 2 minutes left I remember thinking how irritating it would be if we didn't score right then. It was very frustrating to look up to see that we were either tied or down. Again, it could have been a time where we could have folded. But at the end when we needed to do it, we did it. It was frustrating to know that you were playing pretty good, but the score didn't have anything to show for it.'

On the importance of the final 2 regular season games:
'Extremely important. That is the most important thing. With everything else aside, that's why you play the game, to get wins. I don't care how they come. A win at the end of the day is a win. We want to go to a great bowl because we want to have some fun; we have earned it as seniors. I want to be 10-2. I've never won 10 games in a season during my football life. We have 2 games left and a bowl and that's all that matters.'

On other members on the recruiting class:
'No question we are very close. I love all those guys to death and I would do anything for them and I know they would do the same for me. We all have been through a lot of ups and downs, coaching change, successes, failures, injuries, guys leaving, friends quitting the team or whatever it was. It bonds you to go through 5 Camp Tontozonas. That was definitely not a fun deal. It's over and now we can laugh about it. I know they're all going to be successful in the real world because of what we have accomplished here. All those guys are great guys and I wish I had something better to say about them right now. I will always remember them. Always.'

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