In the Trenches With Sam Cunningham

Nov. 8, 2004

Senior cornerback Sam Cunningham will be making his final walk down the Husky Stadium tunnel on Saturday. Cunningham, from Los Angeles, Calif., is the only senior to start every game for the Huskies this year and will be playing in the 47th game of his UW career. He is tied for the team lead with two interception and will have the task of slowing down California's potent offense led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Geoff McArthur. What are your last thought and feelings as you go out there for your final game as a Husky?

Sam Cunningham: 'I'm just going to go out there and play. It's been an experience. It's going to be weird going out of that tunnel for the last time. It's going to be a little sad and tough because it won't happen again. I'm going to think back on a lot of things and remember the first time I ran out of there. It's been fun. '

GH: What are your plans when you finish?

Cunningham: 'I would like to continue my football career ultimately, but if things don't work out I am graduating in December so I hope to get a nice job or something. But I want to keep playing.'

GH: As a senior everyone wants to leave his mark. How would you like to be remembered?

Cunningham: 'I want to be remembered as a person who worked hard. It takes lots of hard work.'

GH: When you look back on your time here how would you describe it?

Cunningham: 'Some of the best times of my life, I had fun times, and I learned a lot.'

GH: If you could go back and do things differently, would you?

Cunningham: 'No. I would still do the same things. I've learned a lot from my experiences. Nothing would change.'

GH: Being a senior it's easy to be motivated, how do you try to motivate the younger players?

Cunningham: 'Results. Results motivate you. It's been hard though, because we work hard and it hasn't paid off. But you can't make them want to win. That's inside of them. That is a competitor.'

GH: Do you feel that you accomplished the things that you set out to do?

Cunningham: 'I came here to get my degree and I'm doing that. I wanted to win a championship but that didn't happen. There are some things that I wanted to accomplish that I didn't, but for the most part I did.'

GH: Coming in your freshman year what were your expectations?

Cunningham: 'Rose Bowls. I thought it was going to be one of the greatest experiences and I just hoped to win one.'

GH: With California, arguably one of the best teams in the country, coming up here this weekend, is it a motivation for you?

Cunningham: 'I approach every game the same, we go out there to get wins. When you are a competitor you go out everyday the same, trying to win.'

GH: Its been a tough season, is there finger pointing going on in the locker room?

Cunningham: 'There is never any finger pointing, you win as a team you lose as a team. You can't point fingers. There is always a time when the offense can improve and when the defense can improve.'