Tuesday's Buddy Teevens Press Conference Quotes

Nov. 9, 2004

Stanford football head coach Buddy Teevens addressed the media about his 2004 team prior to the team's final home game of the season versus Oregon State at Stanford Stadium this Saturday, November 13 (2:00 pm, PST).

Opening Remarks
'It was a disappointing loss (at Arizona State last Saturday). A lot of guys competed extraordinarily well, but we came up short. It's time to refocus and get ready for Oregon State (this Saturday).'

On Quarterback T.C. Ostrander
'T.C. [Ostrander] did a nice job coming in. It was his second long relief opportunity, and he did a nice job with the team. I'm confident in his ability to play the position. '

On Team Morale
'The thing I like about this team is that it's confidence and focus has been maintained regardless. You don't see them getting down or dragging around. They remain crisp and sharp at practice. When adversity strikes, they respond to it. It's a testament to their character. I keep pointing to the senior leadership of the group -- they're strong and committed to each other. As we look at Oregon State, it's a critical game for us. They're coming down to play for a Bowl opportunity, and we're doing the same. I expect a heated contest.'

On The Return Of Center Brian Head To The Starting Lineup
'He was a little rusty, but he did a nice job. His leadership inside and comfort level was certainly helpful to the offensive group. I don't think he was 100% last week, but he'll be more bold this coming week.'

On The Performance Of Running Back Ray Jones
'I thought he performed well coming in the way that he did. His pass pick-ups were adequate, he ran the ball hard and certainly deserved an opportunity to play.'

On OSU Quarterback Derek Anderson
'We'd like him not to have his best day and for us to have our best day against him. They've opted to throw the ball extensively. They do have a talented running back and their offensive line is performing for them, but they haven't taken a lot of run opportunities. Anderson is an accurate passer and a tough kid. They're not afraid to put the ball in his hands, and he makes good decisions.'

On Handling OSU's Offense
'We want to contain their high profile people and put tight coverage on their go-to players.'

On The Performance Of Linebacker Jon Alston
'He has played very well for us. He's a wonderful person to work with. He's enthusiastic, positive and optimistic, as well as gifted athletically. We get him on the field and then put him in a one-to-one pass rush mode. He uses his quickness and athleticism on the tackle. We're running that with great success. The more he does, the more confident he plays. He's a fun guy with a wonderful personality and is a good team player. He'll point to everyone else but himself in terms of taking credit for something. He's a great leader for us defensively.'

On Stanford's Defense
'We play a lot of people defensively. We roll a lot of guys through the front and the linebacking core ... not quite as much with the secondary. We've run into some pretty good offensive groups who have put numbers up against everybody. The thing that I'm impressed with is the `bend but don't break' mindset of people who have put a lot of points up. We're way up in the league in terms of defending the red zone. That's a positive for us. The less an opposing team puts up, obviously, the greater opportunity we have for success.'

On Arizona State's Game-Winning Fourth Quarter Drive
'It was a tough situation. They had to operate perfectly, which they did. You have to give (Arizona State quarterback) Andrew Walter a lot of credit. He showed a lot of poise. We had pressure on him. We had him backed up a couple of times, but they responded by making big plays. They had some receivers with dropped passes and procedural penalties. They had that one hold which set them back, but they overcame that. It's rare to have a team with the ability to drive under those circumstances and finish a game the way they did. I give them credit. I thought our guys played hard, competed and did everything they could. [ASU] just made a play in the end that cost us the ball game.'

On The Performance of Udeme Udofia (Blocked Two Punts At Arizona State)
'That hometown guy did well (Udofia's hometown is Scottsdale). He's been consistent and has performed well in a variety of special teams situations for us. It was fun to see him, especially in front of his hometown crowd. He pressured well and got his hand up on two occasions to knock the ball down. He created scoring opportunities which we converted.'

On OSU Wide Receiver Mike Hass
'He's the go-to guy for Derek Anderson. He's a very productive individual and very effective in his route running. He's also extremely sure-handed. I haven't seen him drop the ball this year. He's obviously playing with a great deal of confidence. You try to defend him by mixing it up -- man under, man over, zone him up, a lot of different things. You don't stop a guy like that. He's hurt everybody in the conference. You just try to limit the impact that he has. The critical point is putting pressure on the quarterback but Anderson handles it well. We'll try to make him rush his throws before the development of the pass route. That's very important for us.'

On The Senior Leaders Going In To Their Last Home Game
'They've been a special group. They're resilient and have tremendous character. I believe in ownership, accountability, and leadership from within and these guys have responded extremely unselfishly. With guys that have not seen great time like (backup quarterback) Ryan Eklund -- he's positive, supportive, wishes that he played more, but also wishes the best for his teammates, and a great mentor for the younger players. Will Svitek -- he's been on both sides of the football in a variety of positions. He's completely committed and supportive and challenges his teammates to perform at a higher level. Oshiomogho Atogwe and Jared Newberry -- our two captains elected by their peers, and deservingly so, set the tone for their team with their work ethic and their attitude. Alex Smith -- the job that he's done productivity-wise and getting the ball to the tight end. Greg Camarillo -- Outstanding. The legacy that these players and everyone else in the senior class that they'll leave is that Stanford is now looked at as a physical team, and we hope to keep building on the foundation that they have left.'