Highlights From The Dirk Koetter Show Aired Nov. 4

Nov. 10, 2004

HIGHLIGHTS OF Dirk Koetter SHOW(Aired Nov. 4, 2004 before the Stanford game)

Healey: What are your thoughts on the Stanford club?

Koetter: They are an improved club. They have been up and down. They put a scare into USC this season. They have been a little inconsistent.

Healey: Stanford has a potent offense, but has struggled lately.

Koetter: I think what happened to Stanford against UCLA is like what happened to us against Cal. I have confidence our defense will play well.

Healey: Stanford has gone to a 3-4 defense. That was the prevailing defense in the country 10 years ago.

Koetter: Now nobody plans a 3-4 anymore.

Healey: Why do you think people have gotten away from it?

Koetter: Zone blocking schemes and a strong running game have put an end to the 3-4.

Healey: What are your thoughts on Edwards?

Koetter: He is a scrambler and he can throw. Edwards missed most of the Oregon game. Our front four will need to put the hurt on him.

Healey: Stanford has a lot of size in their receiving corps.

Koetter: Yes, they have some very tall receivers. It will be fun to see their receivers along with our receivers, including Zach Miller. The conference has some good tight ends this season.

Healey: The defense played well against Cal.

Koetter: Yes, it played very well. We've got to stop the offense in the red zone and hold them to field goals.