Underclassmen star in No. 3 Cal's rout of UOP

Nov. 13, 2004

BERKELEY, Calif. - The No. 3-ranked California men's swimming team raced out to a huge lead and defeated Pacific, 158-86, in a dual meet on Saturday at Spieker Aquatics Complex. The Golden Bears improved their dual-meet record to 2-0 this season.

There was no diving at this meet, which was swum in short course yards.

The Bears took the top three spots in the first seven individual races before a UOP swimmer, Jonathan Russell, who was third, cracked the top three in the 200 backstroke. Cal collected its 158 points through the first 10 events and swam the final four races - the 500 freestyle, 100 butterfly, 200 IM, and 200 freestyle relay - as exhibitions.

Cal's underclassmen took the spotlight, as freshmen won four and sophomores won four out of the 12 individual events. After the freshmen-dominated Cal A team of Mark Eckert (freshman), Henrique Barbosa (junior), Jernej Godec (freshman) and Joe Whittington (freshman) won the 200 medley relay in a time of 1:32.67, freshman John Foster won the 1000 free in 9:21.56. Foster later had the best time in the 500 free (4:31.95), but he swam that race as an exhibition.

Fellow freshman Bears who won events included Godec (49.15 in the 100 backstroke), Justin Pollard (1:52.70 in the 200 fly) and Louis Vayo (1:50.04 in the 200 back). Cal sophomore Rolandas Gimbutis won the 100 free (44.39) and 200 free (1:38.50). Fellow sophomores Jonas Tilly (20.83 in the 50 free) and Graham Lentz (2:01.97 in the 200 breaststroke) also took home wins.

Barbosa won the 100 breaststroke in 55.88, followed by Lentz in second (56.30) and Cal senior Caleb Rowe (58.36) in third.

Cal fifth-year senior Steve Rehrmann, who was recently granted another year of eligibility by the NCAA, took fifth place in the 200 backstroke in 1:52.56. His first action of the 2004-05 season came in this past Wednesday's Triple Distance Meet at Stanford.

In a combined meet with the Cal men, the Cal women also defeated Pacific today, 155.50-98.50.

The Cal men next host an Alumni Meet at 3 p.m. next Friday, Nov. 19, at Spieker Aquatics Complex. Their next official competition is the Texas Invitational Dec. 2-4 in Austin, Texas.

Cal vs. Pacific Results - 11/13/04

200 Yard Medley Relay

1. Cal A (Mark Eckert, Henrique Barbosa, Jernej Godec, Joe Whittington) 1:32.672. Cal C (Louis Vayo, Caleb Rowe, Jonas Tilly, William Copeland) 1:33.623. UOP A (Ivan Serrano, Craig Norman, David Dunn, Vince Martinez) 1:34.62

1000 Yard Freestyle

1. John Foster, Cal 9:21.562. Daniel Lysaught, Cal 9:25.783. Michael Jafari, Cal 9:26.494. Casey Lowdermilk, UOP 10:02.445. Brian Lamar, UOP 10:09.06

200 Yard Freestyle

1. Rolandas Gimbutis, Cal 1:38.502. John Dorr, Cal 1:40.973. Alexander Holdridge, Cal 1:40.984. Jonathan Russell, UOP 1:42.625. David Dunn, UOP 1:48.45

100 Yard Backstroke

1. Jernej Godec, Cal 49.152. Louis Vayo, Cal 51.283. Chris Gibson, Cal 51.904. Casey Lowdermilk, UOP 54.855, Chris Raimondi, UOP 55.67

100 Yard Breaststroke

1. Henrique Barbosa, Cal 55.882. Graham Lentz, Cal 56.303. Caleb Rowe, Cal 58.364. Craig Norman, UOP 1:00.375. Thomas Dunn, UOP 1:01.38

200 Yard Butterfly

1. Justin Pollard, Cal 1:52.702. Dominic Cathey, Cal 1:55.063. John Dorr, Cal 1:55.244. Brian Lamar, UOP 1:58.935. Danny Ender, UOP 2:02.27

50 Yard Freestyle

1. Jonas Tilly, Cal 20.832. Evan Lane, Cal 20.903. Joe Whittington, Cal 21.014. Ivan Serrano, UOP 21.225. Vince Martinez, UOP 21.30

100 Yard Freestyle

1. Rolandas Gimbutis, Cal 44.392. Joe Whittington, Cal 46.193. Matt Lyon, Cal 46.284. Vince Martinez, UOP 47.435. Ivan Serrano, UOP 48.00

200 Yard Backstroke

1. Louis Vayo, Cal 1:50.042. Mark Eckert, Cal 1:51.213. Jonathan Russell, UOP 1:52.224. Steve Rehrmann, Cal 1:52.565. Chris Raimondi, UOP 2:04.73

200 Yard Breaststroke

1. Graham Lentz, Cal 2:01.972. Caleb Rowe, Cal 2:03.733. Miguel Molina, Cal 2:03.774. Thomas Dunn, UOP 2:09.825. Craig Norman, UOP 2:14.39

500 Yard Freestyle

1. Jonathan Russell, UOP 4:38.932. Brian Lamar, UOP 4:55.123. Danny Ender, UOP 4:56.90

100 Yard Butterfly

1. Craig Norman, UOP 54.302. Chris Raimondi, UOP 56.263. Lee Muse, UOP 57.25

200 Yard IM

1. Thomas Dunn, UOP 2:02.032. Jake Soares, UOP 2:09.39

200 Yard Freestyle Relay

1. UOP A (Danny Ender, Casey Lowdermilk, Lee Muse, Jake Soares) 1:31.34