Men's Golfers Fall to Georgia State at Match Play Championship

Nov. 14, 2004

Howie-in-the-Hills, FL - The 11th-seeded Washington men's golf team lost 4-1 to sixth-seed Georgia State in the first round of the Collegiate Match Play Championships at the Mission Inn Resort in Howie-in-the-Hills, Fla. Due to rain in the area, Washington's second-round match with Georgia will not be completed until Monday.

Husky junior James Lepp picked up Washington's only win in the match play format. Lepp defeated Darren Baynes 1-up. Alex Prugh lost to Ty Harris 3 and 2 while Erik Olson fell to Joe Sioholm and Joe Panzeri was defeated by Ben Taylor by identical 3 and 1 scores. Zach Bixler lost his match to Steven Tiley 2-up.

In the tournament's other first-round pairings, top-seeded Georgia Tech downed Penn State 3-2 while second-seeded California edged defending NCAA Champion California 3-2. Arizona beat Purdue 3-2, Clemson dropped Kentucky 3-2 and Texas stopped Pepperdine 3-1-1 while Florida shut out UCLA 5-0.

The tournament is scheduled to run through Tuesday. Live scoring is on-line at

2004 Collegiate Match Play Championship
Mission Inn Resort
Howie-in-the-Hills, Fla.
First Round Results

(1) Georgia Tech def. (16) Penn State, 3-2-00 Roberto Castro, Georgia Tech def. Mark Leon, Penn State, 1-upGreg Pieczynski, Penn State def. Chan Song, Georgia Tech, 4 and 3Nicholas Thompson, Georgia Tech def. Ted Neville, Penn State, 3 and 2Michael Barbosa, Georgia Tech def. Marco Poccia, Penn State, 4 and 3Robert Rohanna, Penn State def. Thomas Jordan, Georgia Tech, 1-up

( (8) Arizona vs. (9) Purdue, 3-2-00 Henry Liaw, Arizona def. Brandon Lawson, Purdue, 4 and 3Bobby Bennett, Purdue def. Nathan Lashley, Arizona, 4 and 2Dustin Cone, Purdue def. Nathan Tylyer, Arizona, 2-upTraves Esway, Arizona def. Pariya Junhasavasdikul, Purdue, 2-upJosh Esler, Arizona def. Peter Richardson, Purdue, 2 and 1

( (13) Clemson def. (4) Kentucky, 3-2-00 John Holmes, Kentucky def. Brian Duncan, Clemson, 2-upJack Ferguson, Clemson def. Mark Blakefield, Kentucky 5 and 4Brent Delahoussaye, Clemson def. Matt Wells, Kentucky 3 and 2Stephen Poole, Clemson def. Andrew Stephens, Kentucky,3 and 1Cale Barr, Kentucky def. Nick Biershenk, Clemson, 4 and 3

( (5) Texas def. (12) Pepperdine, 3-1-1 0 Michael Putnam, Pepperdine def. Matthew Rosenfeld, Texas 7 and 6Jeff Bell, Texas halved Colin Wilcox, PepperdineMatthew Mills, Texas def. Alex Coe, Pepperdine, 3 and 2Farren Keenan, Texas def. Brian O'Flaherty, Pepperdine, 3 and 1Jace Moore, Texas def. Michael Baird, Pepperdine, 4 and 2

( (3) Texas A&M def. (14) Georgia, 3-2-00 Robert Gates, Texas A&M def. David Denham, Georgia, 1-upChris Kirk, Georgia def. Andrew Parr, Texas A&M, 6 and 5Martin Piller, Texas A&M def. Brendon Todd, Georgia 2 and 1Kevin Kisner, Georgia def. David Schultz, Texas A&M, 5 and 4Jerad Harklau, Texas A&M def. Jason Hodges, Georgia, 7 and 5

( (6) Georgia State def. (11) Washington, 4-1-00 Steven Tiley, Georgia State def. Zach Bixler, Washington, 2-upTy Harris, Georgia State def. Alex Prugh, Washington, 3 and 2Joel Sjoholm, Georgia State def. Erik Olson, Washington, 3 and 1James Lepp, Washington def. Darren Baynes, Georgia State, 1-upBen Taylor, Georgia State def. Joe Panzeri, Washington, 3 and 1

( (7) Florida def. (10) UCLA, 5-0-00 Richard Treis, Florida def John Poucher, UCLA, 4 and 3James Vargas, Florida def. Daniel Im, UCLA, 3 and 2Duke Butler, Florida def. Kevin Chappell, UCLA, 1-upManuel Villegas, Florida def. Peter Campbell, UCLA, 1-upRyan Cochran, Florida def. Chris Heintz, UCLA, 1-up

( (2) Oklahoma State def. (15) California, 3-2-0 Pablo Martin, Oklahoma State def. Michael Jensen, California, 4 and 3Kyle Dowden, California def. Zack Robinson, Oklahoma State, 4 and 3Jeff Hood, California def. Alex Norén, Oklahoma State, 2 and 1Chris Clarke, Oklahoma State def. Frederick Svanberg, California, 4 and 3Zac Reynolds, Oklahoma State def. Eric West, California, 5 and 4