Cardinal Gymnastics Inside the Locker Room

Nov. 15, 2004

This was another exciting week for SWG (both in and out of the gym)! Two of the highlights had to be our intra-squad on Friday and the Sip's and Swing's fundraiser on Saturday.

If any of us ever doubted that we could really come together as a team out on the competition floor (with six new freshmen and only five returning), this intra-squad was a pleasant surprise! I have to say that Britt really was the one who got the team pumped up and ready to go for the intra-squad - and by ready, I mean ready! She brought the sparkles, the makeup, the a whole lot of enthusiasm....basically all of the essentials. (Britt, I don't know what we'd do without you....we sure wouldn't look as good!)

In terms of gymnastics, we also really pulled together as a team. It was our first intra-squad of the year and we had at least five for six hit routines on every event...GO CARD! Some exciting highlights were: Aimee's rock solid bar set, Lauren's new floor routine (way to go Lauren!), Alex's amazing floor routine (that girl can dance!) and Steph and Natty's beam routines (the most solid I have ever seen them)! Plus, I have to give a shout out to Glyn (who was sick from Tuesday until Friday) and then hit vault and beam in the inter-squad (Yeah Glynie!)

Some other highlights in workout this week were: Liz's vaults (which I have to tell you, Liz: even after training with you for two months now I am still just as amazed with your power as I was the first day you stepped into the gym)! Also, Tabby, your floor dance is absolutely amazing (we can't wait until your Achilles is healed so you can start to tumble again.) And, Louie, I really want to see your new floor routine so let's get your foot better ASAP!

Well, on to Sips and Swings. Our annual fundraiser was a complete success thanks to the work of our coaches, the many Alumni, Scott Greene, the numerous volunteers and every one of our friends, family members and professors who came and participated in the event.

Not only was this last week and weekend an exciting one for our team, but it was a special one for me personally. My Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle came down to attend the Sip's and Swings fundraiser as well as the OSU vs. Stanford football game. (Practically everyone in my family is an Alumni of Oregon State...but don't worry, I'm working on them and I think their allegiance is shifting away from the Beaver and towards the tree - at least I'd like to think so)! Anyway, it was awesome to see my family this weekend and spend another amazing week as a member of SWG!

- Stacy Sprando