Stanford Wrestling Opens Season, Takes Fourth at Central Missouri Open

Nov. 15, 2004

Warrensburg, Miss. - The Stanford Cardinal opened the 2004-05 season with a strong showing at the Central Missouri Open. The team took seventeen wrestlers to the tournament, placing six of them in the top six of their weight class. Sophomore Tanner Gardner took the crown at 125 pounds, while redshirt freshman Josh Zupancic wrestled strongly to take second place at 149 pounds.

Gardner recorded two major decisions and a fall en route to first place at 125. He defeated Austin Devoe of powerhouse Missouri in a tense 2-1 battle to take the title. Also at 125 pounds, senior Nathan Peterson took home fourth place after going 5-2, including two major decisions.

After a strong demonstration against his teammates at the annual intrasquad duals, redshirt freshman Josh Zupancic continued to impress at the season-opening tournament. He won five straight matches, including a major decision, before falling to Mike Rio of Lindenwood University in a 4-2 sudden victory championship match.

Stanford's other placewinners were Scott Loescher, Imad Kharbush, and Ryan Hagen. Loescher, another redshirt freshman looking to make a strong start for the Cardinal, went 4-2 with a fall to take fifth at 165 pounds. Kharbush recorded a fall in just 47 seconds and won four other decisions before finishing in fourth place at 174 pounds. After taking first place at the Pac-10 tournament last year, expectations are high for Kharbush this year. Hagen won three matches, two of them on falls, and finished in sixth place at 184 pounds.

Matt Gentry, the defending national champion at 157 pounds, did not compete at the tournament.

Complete Stanford results from the Central Missouri Open:

-125 pounds-
Tanner Gardner (5-0), 1st place:
Def. Dan Keller (Truman State) by major decision, 14-2; def. Caleb Dixon (Missouri Valley) by fall in 4:25; def. Greg Waag (Central Missouri State) by major decision, 10-1; def. Tim Kephart (Missouri) 10-4; def. Austin Devoe (Missouri) 2-1.
Nathan Peterson (5-2), 4th place:
Def. Chris Baker (Missouri Valley) by major decision, 16-3; def. Brandon Pigorsch (Labbette CC) by major decision, 8-0; lost to Ronnie Smith (Neosho CC) 5-3; def. Craig Trampe (Dana) 6-3; def. Dante Lewis (Dana) 4-1; def. Tim Kephart (Missouri) 8-3; lost to Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State) 4-3.

-133 pounds-
Juston Johnson (6-2):
Def. Shawn Fleis (Meramec CC) 7-2; lost to Jared Henning (Central Oklahoma) 3-1; def. Rob Nahlik (Truman State) 7-3; def. Nick Labosco (Meramec CC) 3-1; def. Nick Vogt (McKendree) 10-4; def. Mike Miller (Bacone) 5-3; def. Chino Duran (Eastern Illinois) by fall in 5:08; lost to Jarred Henning (Central Oklahoma) 3-0.
Rafael Chavez (2-2):
Lost to Andrew Bradbusy (Lindenwood) by major decision, 15-7; def. Tarl Vickers (Missouri Valley) 7-4; def. Brandon Bradley (Meramec CC) by fall in 5:35; lost to Chad Willard (McKendree) 14-11.

-141 pounds-
Chris Hayworth (4-2):
Lost to David Avalos (Lindenwood) by fall in 5:00; def. Garrett Miller (Central Oklahoma) 7-1; def. Leo Blay (MacMurray) by fall in 1:46; def. Wes Ruth (Central Oklahoma) by major decision, 14-0; def. Nathaniel Troupe (Missouri Valley) 3-2; lost to Kyle Evans (Central Oklahoma) 2-1.
Matt Monahan (1-2):
Lost to Jeremy Spoon (Neosho CC) 7-3; def. Dave Roskin (Meramec CC) 12-6; lost to Ryan Joyce (Missouri) by fall in 5:36.

-149 pounds-
Zack Hensley (3-2):
Def. Mike Wood (Lindenwood) 8-2; lost to Terrence Almond (Dana) 17-14; def. Jonah Shawgo (McKendree) 7-2; def. Andy Armendariz (Central Oklahoma) 2-1; lost to Adam Beeler (Eastern Illinois) 7-2.
Josh Zupancic (5-1), 2nd place:
Def. Eric Johnson (Central Oklahoma) 5-1; def. Kyle Swadley (Meramec CC) by major decision 10-1; def. Adam Beeler (Eastern Illinois) 5-0; def. Justin Cole (Missouri) 7-1; def. Shane Cristelli (Missouri Valley) by injury default; lost to Mike Rio (Lindenwood) 4-2, sudden victory.

-157 pounds-
Bobby Pease (2-2):
Lost to Jason Leavitt (Central Oklahoma) 7-1; def. Justin Snider (Central Oklahoma) 7-1; def. Derek Welte (Dana) by fall in 4:40; lost to James Williamson (Missouri) 4-2, sudden victory.

-165 pounds-
Brian Perry (2-2):
Def. Andy Mangiaguerra (Eastern Illinois) by injury default at 1:35; def. Connor Ftzgerald (Central Missouri State) 7-1; lost to Donaco Watts (Missouri Valley) 7-5; lost to Leister Bowling (Dana) by fall in 1:03.
Scott Loescher (4-2), 5th place:
Def. Joel Britt (Missouri Valley) by fall; def. Leister Bowling (Dana) 15-9; def. Rocky Vercher (Lindenwood) 7-2; lost to Raymond Jordan (Missouri) 7-2; lost to Jarrod King (Oklahoma) 3-0; def. Donaco Watts (Missouri Valley) by injury default.

-174 pounds-
Imad Kharbush (5-2), 4th place:
Def. Steven Doeshot (Truman State) by major decision 14-6; def. Ben Baker (Missouri Valley) 5-1; lost to TJ Hansen (Missouri) 3-2; def. Jared Hess (Central Oklahoma) by fall in 0:47; def. Marshall Marquardt (Dana) 3-2; def. Kiel Giese (Missouri Valley) 7-1; lost to TJ Hansen (Missouri) 6-4.

-184 pounds-
Mark Egesdal (1-2):
Def. Brandon Jolley (Missouri Valley) 6-2; lost to Matt Pell (Central Missouri) by fall in 5:29; lost to Kevin Grece (Central Missouri State) 8-3.
Larry Ozowara (2-2):
Def. Christopher Potter (Missouri) 11-7; lost to Nick Lorenzano (Tennessee-Chattanooga) 5-2; def. Colt Neyrey (Lindenwood) 5-2; lost to Mario Thomas (Missouri Valley) 4-2.
Ryan Hagen (3-3), 6th place:
Def. John Fitzgeralds (Missouri Valley) by fall in 1:20; def. Kevin Domian (Missouri Baptist) by fall in 2:44; def. Chris Lopez (Lindenwood) 2-0; lost to Ryan Daniels (Central Oklahoma) 3-1; def. JC Russell (Missouri) 2-1; lost to Bryan Tapley (Central Oklahoma) 4-2, sudden victory.

-197 pounds-
Ian Bork (2-2):
Lost to Shane Hall (Missouri Valley) 9-7; def. Sean Cannole (Missouri) by fall in 5:30; def. Jason Sherko (Eastern Illinois) 5-2; lost to Brandon Lorek (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) 5-2.

-285 pounds-
Shawn Ritzenthaler (2-2):
Def. Ryan Bowen (Central Missouri) by technical fall in 5:42; lost to Brad Farmer (Oklahoma) 8-4; def. Tommy Fullerton (Missouri Valley) by technical fall in 3:59; lost to Terry Revas (Bacone) by technical fall in 5:30.