In the Trenches with Craig Chambers

Nov. 15, 2004

Red-shirt Freshman Craig Chambers had his best game of the year against California. The Mill Creek, Washington native caught a 77 yard pass for his first touchdown of his career. He caught 8 balls for 189 yards. His 77 yard reception is the longest play this year and the 14th longest in school history. What was it like catching your first career touchdown?

Craig Chambers: 'I was great. A lot of people get pumped up but all I could do was just keep smiling. It is something that I have dreamed about since I was little, so it was a good feeling. Especially it being long like that it wasn't a little two-yard pass, it was a longer pass. It was an adrenaline rush.'

GH: With it being the last game what are some of the things that you are hoping to accomplish?

CC: 'I want to have a good game but besides that I want a victory out there, especially since we haven't experienced many of those this year. I want to send our seniors and our coach out on a good note and try to end the season right. We want to give our fans a win especially with it being the Apple Cup. It seems like there is a lot of tension with this game. Hopefully we can just get a win.'

GH: The last time the Huskies were in Pullman there was an upset, what are you expecting with this rival?

CC: With in-state rivalries I'm not surprised about anything. People have strong feelings tied toward this game. Anything can happen.'

GH: How is the team moral staying up?

CC: 'We are treating this like a new season. For the Apple Cup you have to put everything aside and focus on this game. You can't look at records. They have beaten us and we have beaten them when the other was highly ranked and this year neither one of us are so it should be interesting. We are both struggling this year so hopefully we can all improve.'

GH: With an Apple Cup victory will that help ease the pain of this year?

CC: It will end it on a high note. It will also give us some momentum for next year. That is one of the reasons you have to concentrate on beating Washington State. It will give us a little something to work for.'

GH: Snow...How are you feeling about that prediction?

CC: 'I looked it up on the Internet and saw that. I've been over there before when my brother played and it has been really cold. I hope that it is not so cold that it affects any ones games. But a little bit of snow never hurt anybody. I've never actually played in it, so I'm not sure how it is going to affect our team. Washington State is use to it because they have played in it before, so they have a little advantage, but we can't worry about it too much.'

GH: On a more festive note, Thanksgiving is coming soon, what is one of your favorite memories?

CC: 'Thanksgiving is actually one of my least favorite holiday because I can't stand turkey. I usually hold out on dinner and have lots of dessert. Apple pie a la mode is my favorite so I usually put a hurting on it. But the best thing about the holidays is being with your family. You just get to be together and spend time with the people you love.'