Women's Golf Advances to Match Play Championship vs. Duke

Nov. 15, 2004

HOWEY-IN-THE-HILLS, Fla. - Arizona State and Duke will battle for the championship of the second annual Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship at Mission Inn Golf and Tennis Resort on Tuesday.

Third-seeded Arizona State edged second-seeded Oklahoma State 3-2 in its semifinal match to advance to the championship with freshman Louise Stahle and sophomores Tiffany Tavee and Charmaine Erasmus all winning their matches.

Earlier in the day, the Sun Devils downed Wake Forest 3-2-0 in the second round, which was continued on Monday after darkness suspended play on Sunday.

Top-seeded Duke defeated Arizona 3-2 in the semifinals and was led by Elizabeth Janangelo, Brittany Lang and Jennifer Pandolfi.

In the consolation brackets, Arizona, Oklahoma State, UNLV, Washington, Wake Forest, and New Mexico will play to determine the third- through eighth-place finishers.

The final round of the Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship will begin with a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Eastern (6 a.m. Mountain). Live scoring is available at www.golfstat.com.

2004 Collegiate Match Play ChampionshipThird Round ResultsNov. 15, 2004

(1) Duke def. (12) Arizona, 3-2Brittany Lang, Duke def. Miriam Kraschinski, Arizona 4 and 3Mar Garcia, Arizona def. Anna Grzebien, Duke, 5 and 4Elizabeth Janangelo, Duke def. Cassandra Kirkland, Arizona, 1 upWhitney Welch, Arizona def. Niloufar Aazam-Zanganeh, 3 and 1Jennifer Pandolfi, Duke def. Lani Elston, Arizona, 4 and 3

(3) Arizona State def. (2) Oklahoma State, 3-2Louise Stahle, ASU def. Karin Sjodin, OSU, 5 and 3Annie Thurman, OSU def. Erin Tone, ASU, 6 and 4Tiffany Tavee, ASU def. Mallorie Underwood, OSU, 4 and 2Candie Herrera, OSU def. Brooke Todare, ASU, 5 and 4Charmaine Erasmus, ASU def. Ali Griffin, OSU, 4 and 3

(4) Washington def. (8) Furman, 3-2Paige MacKenzie, Washington, def. Monique Gesualdi, Furman, 6 and 4Sung Ea Lee, Washington def Connor Atkinson, Furman, 1 upJenny Suh, Furman def. Ashley Bickerton, Washington, 8 and 6Theresa Paik, Furman def. Amy Wang, Washington, 3 and 2Kim Shin, Washington def. Sarah Strum, Furman, 6 and 5

(7) New Mexico def. (6) Tennessee, 2-2-1 (won in scorecard playoff)Kailin Downs, New Mexico def. Jessica Shepley, Tennessee, 6 and 5Golda Johansson, Tennessee def. Ashley Rollins, New Mexico, 2 and 1Violeta Retamoza, Tennessee def. Christina Spence, New Mexico, 6 and 4Christine Fernandez, New Mexico halved. Marci Turner, TennesseeGiselle Claux, New Mexico def. Teesha Ash, Tennessee, 2 and 1

(11) Wake Forest def. (10) Florida, 3-2Ashley Hoagland, Wake Forest def. Tiffany Chudy, Florida, 3 and 1Sandra Gal, Florida def. Maggie Simons, Wake Forest, 6 and 4Whitney Myers, Florida def. Christine Hallstrom, Wake Forest, 2 upMandy Goins, Wake Forest def. Andrea Vander Lende, Florida, 3 and 2Laura Crawford, Wake Forest def. Eleanor Tucker, Florida, 5 and 4

(16) UNLV def. (9) Pudue, 2-2-1 (won in scorecard playoff)Elena Kurokawa, UNLV halved Myrte EikenaarHwanhee Lee, UNLV def. Onnarin Sattayabanphot, 6 and 4Whitney Frykman, Purdue def. Seema Sadekar, UNLV, 2 and 1Maria Stinson, Purdue def Tina Mabanta, UNLV, 4 and 3Young Pak, UNLV def Caroline Haase, Purdue 6 and 4

Second Round Results

(1) Duke def. (8) Furman, 3-2-0Monique Gesualdi, Furman def. Elizabeth Janangelo, Duke, 3 and 1Brittany Lang, Duke def. Connor Atkinson, Furman, 4 and 2Jenny Suh, Furman def. Anna Grzebien, Duke, 2 and 1Niloufar Aazam-Zanganeh, Duke def. Theresa Paik, Furman, 2 and 1Jennifer Pandolfi, Duke def. Haley Gildea, Furman, 3 and 2

(2) Oklahoma State def. (10) Florida, 3-1-1Karin Sjodin, Oklahoma State def. Sandra Gal, Florida, 3 and 2Annie Thurman, Oklahoma State def. Tiffany Chudy, Florida, 4 and 3Whitney Myers, Florida def. Mallorie Underwood, Oklahoma State, 5 and 3Candie Herrera, Oklahoma State def. Andrea Van Lende, Florida, 1-upAli Griffin, Oklahoma State halved Eleanor Tucker, Florida

(3) Arizona State def. (11) Wake Forest, 3-2-0Louise Stahle, Arizona State def. Christine Hallstrom, Wake Forest, 8 and 6Ashley Hoagland, Wake Forest def. Alissa Kuczka, Arizona State, 5 and 3Maggie Simons, Wake Forest def. Charmaine Erasmus, Arizona State, 5 and 4Erin Tone, Arizona State def. Laura Crawford, Wake Forest, 5 and 4Tiffany Tavee, Arizona State def. Mandy Goins, Wake Forest, 1-up

(12) Arizona def. (4) Washington 3-1-1Miriam Kraschinski, Arizona def. Sung Ea Lee, Washington, 1-upMar Garcia, Arizona def. Kim Shin, Washington, 1-upCassandra Kirkland, Arizona halved Paige MacKenzie, WashingtonAmber Prange, Washington def. Whitney Welch, Arizona, 2 and 1Lani Elston, Arizona def. Amy Wang, Washington, 1-up

(13) Purdue def. (5) UCLA 3-1-1Myrte Eikenaar, Purdue def. Susie Mathews, UCLA, 6 and 5Onnarin Sattayabanphot, Purdue def. Hannah Jun, UCLA, 3 and 2Whitney Frykman, Purdue halved Vanessa Brockett, UCLA,Brianna Loyear, UCLA def. Maria Stinson, Purdue, 1-upCaroline Haase, Purdue def. Melissa Martin, UCLA, 3 and 2

(6) Tennessee def. (14) Texas A&M, 3-2Ashley Knoll, Texas A&M def. Sarah Bonner-Shanks, Tennessee, 2 and 1Christa Spedding, Texas A&M def. Violeta Retamoza, Tennessee, 1-upMarci Turner, Tennessee def. Brenda Norris, Texas A&M, 4 and 2Golda Johansson, Tennessee def. Jacquelyn Nemcik, Texas A&M, 3 and 1Jessica Shepley, Tennessee def. Ashley Frey, Texas A&M, 5 and 3

(7) New Mexico def. (15) North Carolina, 4-1-0Ann Laney, North Carolina def. Kailin Downs, New Mexico, 3 and 1Ashley Rollins, New Mexico def. Katie Miller, North Carolina, 5 and 3Christina Spence, New Mexico def. Laura Caniff, North Carolina, 3 and 2Christine Fernandez, New Mexico def. Romi Irons, North Carolina, 5 and 4Giselle Claux, New Mexico def. Shannon Boyle, North Carolina, 5 and 4

(16) UNLV def. (9) Texas, 3-2-0Devon Anderson, Texas def. Young Pak, UNLV, 1-upElena Kurokawa, UNLV def. Brittany Givilancz, Texas, 1-upHwanhee Lee, UNLV def. Jordan Craig, Texas, 1-upSeema Sadekar, UNLV def. Julia Best, Texas, 4 and 3Perry Swinson, Texas def. Allison Chell, UNLV, 4 and 2