Washington-Minnesota Postgame Quotes

Nov. 16, 2004

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HEAD COACH June Daugherty
On coming back:
'It showed a lot of character. It's interesting to me, in the timeouts down the stretch and in the overtime, how fired up they were in the huddle. They kept saying in the timeout, 'let's make sure we're playing Husky basketball. Let's get back to work team-wise, let's do this together.' It was a great character check for this team. Minnesota is a great team. They're as good as advertised and we were very fortunate down the stretch to be able to go at their frontline a little bit more because of their foul situation. Jill Bell, Maggie (O'Hara), Breanne (Watson), these guys all responded. It was great to see it.'

On big win for young team: 'Our youth will be served. They will continue to learn and to play harder each time we take the floor in practice and in games. We're going to throw people at you. You saw how hard these guys play and how eager they are to get out there and get it done for the team.'

On beating nationally ranked opponent: 'I think it was a real privilege to be chosen to host the WBCA Classic. It was great to represent the Pac-10 and having the WBCA President here, it was a real honor. We felt really good about playing a SEC and a Big-10 team. This is what we want to do, go out and play the best to be the best. We found out a lot about ourselves in these last two days I think.'

On playing hard: 'I think we know that we have an enormous amount of athleticism and that if it's 40 or four seconds, whatever it is, they're going to get in there and do absolutely whatever it takes to help their teammates. Don't worry about anything; just play as hard as you can play. We went down eight or nine yesterday, tonight, being down and going to overtime, these kids in the huddle were eager to get back out there. There were no glazed eyes, they wanted to get out there and start playing harder as a team. We've found that when we have the intensity and defensively we get in our lanes, some real fun stuff happens.'

On defense: 'Our defense is way ahead of our offense right now and that's no secret, but that's okay. That doesn't bother me at all. Give us some time and we'll be right up there.'

On momentum changer: 'A lot of people stepped up today and showed something they hadn't shown this year. Erica (Schelly) came in there and she was fired up, she was on her toes, I think that showed how aggressive she can be offensively. Jill Bell in the second half, she was unstoppable. When the team understands that when they play hard with their athleticism, let's see who can stand toe-to-toe with us for 40 minutes.'

FORWARD Breanne Watson
On tough shooting night:
'It has been tough these first two games. We haven't been shooting the ball like we have in practice. Defense wins games and that's what keeping us in these games. When you go to the boards, good things happen. We drew some fouls and got to the line. That's what we need to do.'

On end of the game: 'I think we really wanted to win it in the final 16 seconds there, but when we got into overtime, we said, 'This is real, let's get this done right now'. We got fired up and I think the momentum at the start of overtime was in our favor and things started rolling. We got steals; Jill (Bell) got a huge block. I think that was the momentum changer.'

GUARD Cameo Hicks
On circus shot under hoop:
'I heard my teammates talking to me on the bench, counting down the shotclock, so we had to get a shot off, whether I got it or found an open teammate for the basket. We all played really hard and were in the right places, that was the main thing.'

FORWARD Maggie O'Hara
On beating a ranked team:
'I think it was a team effort, everyone in there knew that we could go in and that everyone had everyone else's back. It's huge to support each other and that's how we did it.'