In the Trenches with Derrick Johnson

Nov. 17, 2004

Cornerback Derrick Johnson maybe the only captain playing in the final game this year. Johnson from Riverside, California has 36 career starts and has played in 46 career games. He is the Huskies' most experienced defense players. What is one of your favorite Pullman Apple Cup moments?

Derrick Johnson: 'There are so many good moments. They have been down to the wire and we have pulled out wins. They are all special in their own ways.'

GH: Which game in the past two years has been the most memorable?

DJ: 'I think the one in Pullman was because there was more drama and action. We kept going back and forth, we were in the overtimes, had missed field goals, they missed field goals. It was the ups and downs and roller coaster and just the switch. I think it was more exciting to win out that way at their place.'

GH: After the fiasco that happened two years ago at Pullman, what are you expecting this year?

DJ: 'We expect every game against the Cougars to be tough. We are just going to go out there and make plays. I think whoever makes the most plays is going to walk away with the win.'

GH: Do passions run deep when you think about the Cougars?

DJ: 'They are deep. I think that the feelings are mutual between the two teams and we are going to battle. This is one of the most intense rivalries in the country. They are always great games, sometimes they are blowouts, but everyone plays their heart out and that is what makes them special.'

GH: This is the last game that you are playing as a Husky and for Coach Gilbertson, is there something that you are going to think about?

DJ: 'We are playing for our coach, our seniors and for the winning streak. There are going to be a whole lot of emotions that are running around.'

GH: It's your last game wearing the purple and gold what are you going to be thinking about?

DJ: 'I am going to go out there and try and make some plays. I haven't done as well as I had hoped, so I want to go out playing my best game of the season. That will be the focus and if I can do that then I can help this team. I am just going to enjoy the moment. This is going to be the last chance I have with these guys and I'm never going to be able to get it back. I just want to enjoy them and the time I am going to have because as soon as that clock hits 00:00 it over.'

GH: Are you still confident when you go out there on Saturdays?

DJ: 'I'm confident every week. People outside maybe saying that we don't have a chance, but we can't think that. I am confident every week that we can beat anybody. When we put our best effort forward we can win games.'

GH: If the team pulls out a victory is it going to make this season a little easier to remember?

DJ: 'I think so because you always remember your last game, especially being a senior. I want my last game to be memorable and it will be easier to come out with a win rather than a loss.'

GH: 'What are you plans when you are done?

DJ: 'I am going to go train to for the NFL. There are some all-star games that I am going to play in and just get ready for the combines.'

GH: Looking back what has been your most memorable moment as a Husky?

DJ: 'It's been a Rose Bowl. I was fortunate enough to play and it was something I'll take with me.'