With Goals in Sight, Golden Bears Not Looking Past Archrivals

Nov. 18, 2004

AP Sports Writer

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) - J.J. Arrington and his California teammates are onthe verge of so many remarkable accomplishments that it might be impossible notto think ahead to New Year's Day or beyond.

If Saturday's opponent was anyone but Stanford, that is.

'We know this is our most important game,' said Arrington, who's 46 yardsshy of breaking Chuck Muncie's school record for yards rushing in a season.'We're preparing for it like it's our only game left. When you're at Cal,beating Stanford is always going to be a goal.'

All season, the fourth-ranked Golden Bears (8-1, 6-1 Pac-10) have publiclymaintained the tunnel vision of coach Jeff Tedford, who practically refuses toacknowledge the existence of the Bowl Championship Series, let alone Cal'spotential place in the sport's biggest games.

But with just two games remaining in the Bears' season, Tedford knows suchtalk will be nearly impossible to avoid. He's still hoping to keep his playersfocused on one game at a time for at least one more week - and since that nextgame is against Stanford, it shouldn't be hard.

'We've tried to maintain a level focus all year long,' Tedford said. 'TheBCS has nothing to do with this game. We're going to have to play our best tobe able to compete with Stanford. While (the Bears) probably see things aboutthe BCS on TV or whatever, I'm confident that our players know what'simportant.'

With a victory in the 107th Big Game, Cal would finish its Pac-10 schedulewith its most victories in conference play since 1949, when coach PappyWaldorf's team went 7-0 in the Pacific Coast Conference.

The Bears also could finish their home schedule unbeaten for the first timesince 1950 while maintaining their highest national ranking since 1952. If theybeat Stanford, win in their hurricane-postponed trip to Southern Mississippi onDec. 4 and No. 1 Southern California wins its final two games, the Bears willprobably earn their first Rose Bowl bid in 45 years.

But the most successful Cal team in decades would be forever tarnished inthe minds of many Old Blues if it can't knock off Stanford in the only gamethat really matters. The players have heard all about it from fellow studentsand boosters in the week leading up to the game at Memorial Stadium.

'You don't really need any extra motivation in your last home game as asenior, but playing Stanford is even more incentive,' safety Ryan Gutierrezsaid. 'We don't want to betray anything we've achieved so far this year. Ourgoals are all still within our grasp, and they've kind of lost touch withtheirs, but that could make them very dangerous.'

While Cal has a five-game winning streak and multiple sources of motivation,Stanford (4-6, 2-5) will finish its disappointing season Saturday. In theCardinal's last visit to Berkeley two years ago, Cal's fans celebrated theBears' victory by tearing down the goalposts and carrying quarterback KyleBoller on their shoulders.

That loss snapped the Cardinal's seven-game winning streak in the rivalry.Tedford has beaten Buddy Teevens in both of their matchups since the coachestook over their respective schools in 2002. Teevens' task of building aconsistent winner under challenging circumstances has been made even tougher byTedford's success - but a frustrating season would be nearly perfect with onelast win.

'You don't have to state openly how big the Big Game is,' Teevens said.'It's all over campus. These guys are as good as anybody we have our schedule,and I think our play will have to reflect that.'