Q & A with Molly Seaman

Nov. 19, 2004

Gohuskies.com: What is your injury status?

Molly Seaman: 'My right knee that has had the most problems is doing better. I got a bone bruise in my left knee, unfortunately, and I also have a huge bruise on my heel right now. I'm a little beat up, but it is my fifth year so it is expected.'

GH: What are your expectations for yourself in your last year?

MS: 'More than likely I am going to be competing on three events, everything but vault, and I was doing really well on all of those until I got re-injured. When I get healthy, floor is going to be good because I have gotten a lot of my difficulty back in my tumbling. I am getting more consistent on bars and am just adding a little bit more difficulty on my dismount off beam.'

GH: How are you guys looking as a team so far?

MS: 'We are looking really good. We have had a few intrasquad competitions and I was really impressed with the squads. We definitely need to get the freshmen more experience on beam, because we are going to be using a lot of them. It is just a big transition going from club to college, from a more individual mindset to a team mindset. But we've got some really good freshman in and I think a few of them will really step it up and be really productive for us this year.'

GH: As a senior, what kind of new responsibilities do you have?

MS: 'I am kind of an assistant captain, as Carly Dockendorf is the main team captain and Tacia LaBatte and I are kind of the assistants. We added a lot of new people to the team this year, and it is our responsibility to make sure they are training the way they need to be, and understanding that they are away from their families and the responsibilities that come along with that. So we've been there for a lot of those girls. We also just need to set a good example in training ,which is hard right now with me being injured, but I try to make it obvious that I am putting in hard work and trying to get everything done. So pretty much our job is just to set a good example and be there for the team if they need it.'

GH: What is your major?

MS: 'I am graduating in zoology, and I just got all of my letters of recommendations out to apply for the NCAA Internship, because have been really involved in WSAAC for the past for years. They have been trying to get me to become more involved in the NCAA and try to get into sports administration. So I think I will give that a shot, and if I do get that position that starts in mid-June in the NCAA office in Indianapolis. So we will see how that goes, and I think that is something I would be interested in but an internship is a great way to find out I guess.'

GH: As an Alabama native, how have the last five years at Washington been?

MS: 'Alabama wasn't a good fit for me, but my parents moved about the same time I did to Pennsylvania. It is hard because my mom and I are really close, but I talk to her on the phone every day. It is difficult, but my family comes out and visits and I go home to Pennsylvania every Christmas. My parents love Seattle, and they will probably end up out here someday. I just love Seattle, granted the weather isn't that great sometimes, but I can put up with it. My brother moved out to Seattle last summer, so we are living in an apartment together right now. He is older than I am, and he is going to do an internship in event management.'

GH: What kind of responsibilities do you have as the president of WSAAC?

MS: 'WSAAC takes up a lot of my time, it is basically like another job for me. This summer we put together freshman athlete orientation, and we do that the first Tuesday of the school year. All of the freshman athletes come and they get a packet of information about resources that they can use within the athletic department and on campus, so that was one of our main events at the beginning of the year. We also put together Gold Games t-shirts, which is one selected game for each sport that all student-athletes are encouraged to attend, so we make t-shirts with the schedule on the back. We made one for every student-athlete, and everyone got a t-shirt. I just got back from the Pac-10 SAAC meeting, and we go and talk about legislation and dig a bit deeper into the administration of our sports. We meet a lot with our Athletic Director Todd Turner and Executive Associate Athletic Director Jeff Compher, who come to our meetings a lot. They are very proactive in student-athlete welfare. We are getting ready to plan our student-athlete formal, which is going to be in January. It is always good times.'

GH: Is there anything you wish you could change about your time at Washington?

MS: 'I have enjoyed all of it, except the injuries. I think it has made me a better competitor, because I can't take advantage of the fact that I work out. I really don't know when I am going to be injured or when I can work out, so I have to make the most of the days that I actually feel healthy. I have learned to come back quickly and on minimal practice. I do a lot of visualization exercises so I can compete up to my full potential when I am healthy. I have had a great experience here, and I am going to be sad when I am done.'

GH: What is your favorite part about being a Husky?

MS: 'My favorite part about being a Husky is the family atmosphere in the athletic department. I think that is mainly because I went out and met a lot of people when I got here because I was from Alabama, but I know that I know a lot of the coaches and I know my coaches are there for me no matter what I need.'