Cal-Stanford Postgame Quotes

Nov. 20, 2004

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

On Cal's penalties:
'It was really uncharacteristic. We'll go back and look at it on tape and find out what's going on. It was really uncharacteristic of our team today. We'll address it because there were too many penalties that put us in long yardage situations or took away positive plays.'

On Cal's defense:
'The defense played great. We put pressure on their passer all day long. I think we totally shut down the run. They've been playing well all year long, but today again, they put a lot of pressure on their passer. (T.C. Ostrander) was getting hit a lot today. Coach Gregory and his staff continue to do a tremendous job of scheming and game planning to put pressure and stop offenses. I'm very proud of those guys today.'

On Cal's running game:
'The first half, they were doing some things that we had not expected. I'd like to give their defense credit because they brought some nice pressure packages playing zone and cover two. Their defensive line is big and physical and we weren't getting any movement up front early. We found a couple of run schemes that we went to at halftime and the backs did a great job of running through them.'

On the BCS:
'We have one game left. Thankfully, it's two weeks from now. I think we could really use a week to regroup and recover a bit health-wise. This game will mean a lot to us, there's no question. Just to have the opportunity to be in the position to talk about BCS is tremendous for these young men. They've worked so very hard and been so dedicated. I'm very proud of them.'

On Marshawn Lynch:
'Marshawn Lynch is worth the price of admission. There is no question about it. The guy does it all. He is just a tremendous young man. He has tremendous speed and balance and played very well for us. It's great to have a one-two punch like J.J. Arrington and Marshawn Lynch because those guys are tremendous players.'

California Players

On Cal's defense:
'We played our own game out there today. We practiced these schemes all week and it paid off. We did lay some big hits on (Stanford quarterback T.C. Ostrander). I felt sorry for the guy. But it's football. You can't be to kindhearted.'

'I think I heard someone call us the `No Name Defense.' That's fine; I don't care. We don't care about the spotlight. As long as we win that's all that matters.'

On a possible Rose Bowl appearance:
'Not sure about that. Whatever bowl we go to we'll play hard. The real Big Game is next week.'

On wildness of the game:
'It was emotional. People were flying mad. The Big Game is emotional, what can you say.'

On turnaround since Tedford arrived:

'There's been a lot of changes and it's all been for good. We're happy; the fans are happy. To go from where we were to the top, it's a story of perseverance.'

On postseason possibilities:
'It's been a long journey and we all had a vision of this. Every week we're making charts and boxes and crossing them off. There's one more game to go and it's time to finish strong.'

On wildness of today's game:
'The Big Game is the craziest game. You don't always know about the Big Game. For myself and the seniors, it was very emotional today. You just have to go out and play your game.'

Stanford Head Coach Buddy Teevens

General comments
'We lost to a good football team. They ran the ball effectively in the second half. They were able to put points on the scoreboard. It's a disappointing loss.'

'Cal is a very balanced, consistent, good team.'

'There were lots of flags on both sides. Emotions certainly took over on both sides at the end. That's not us, and that's not them. In a rivalry game, you'd like to be in the ballgame through to the end, but they played better later in the game.'

'We put ourselves behind a bunch. Things kept putting us behind. When we stayed on target, we moved the ball fairly effectively. Some of it was noise, some was just physical execution. The bottom line is we don't perform like that. We can't afford to act like that in a game like this.'

On Cal's offense
'Cal's approach was to pound it out. They've got two good backs in there (J.J. Arrington and Marshawn Lynch). Offensively they controlled the ball effectively. They're a good football team.'

On Cal's QB Aaron Rodgers and TB J.J. Arrington
'They're very talented players. Rodgers performs well in the system. He's opportunistic, smart with the football, adept at scrambling. He strikes me as a very classy guy.'

On the Memorial Stadium crowd
'It was loud. Certainly they have a great group of fans. It was distracting at times and caused some procedure penalties.'

On Stanford's season
'I'm disappointed with the won-loss record. I thought we competed hard every game. I wish we had more for our seniors leaving. Now we need to build on the positives.'

On looking ahead to next season
'We should and need to be more productive. We've got some depth coming back. We ran the ball better today than during the rest of the season. Establishing the run will be priority one in the off-season.'

Stanford Players

On how Cal won
'They played better. Honestly, they came down and they did what they do best, run the ball. That was the difference. We weren't able to stop the run, plain and simple. When that offense can run the ball, they can do whatever they like.'

On the penalties
'I was really disappointed in how that went down. I was disappointed that we were getting personal fouls; I was disappointed in what they were doing. That's not what the game is about, that's not how we play football. It's a big rivalry; you expect some of the trash-talking.

On the game's emotions

'As far as emotions go, they're always high. For this game they're even higher. I don't think we were too emotional, we just got frustrated at the end of the game.'

On the keys to Cal's win
'Cal did a good job, they knew what they were doing. They brought pressure in key situations. They did things with their defense that confused us. They brought a variety of blitzes. It was loud and hard to communicate out there.'

On whether this was the best defense Stanford has faced
Definitely not. I think that the defense that we faced last week (Oregon State) was better. Their secondary was better. Did we play as well as we could have offensively? Absolutely not. Cal played well, but some of the blame needs to fall on us.'