Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 19, 2004

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Washington Coach Dean Wurzberger

General Comments: 'We dominated statistically on shots, but when doing it when it counted; how close were we to making it 3-0. When we really had them under the gun and then it went 2-1. It was a difficult shot for the goalkeeper, but then that made the game close, and we couldn't put the game away when I thought we had the opportunity to do so. I think when they pulled one back, it put a little doubt in us and we have been fighting that as a team. We've been in the lead the last three games, and something goes in our confidence. We've tried to re-focus and encourage the guys to let it go but I think their heads dropped a little bit when it became 2-1. It is hard to fight doubt, because we get out there and we played alright. It's a disappointment, but we can't give up five goals on nine shots. They were lethal when they did shoot, and obviously our goals were scattered all over the place. I don't remember the last time I lost four in a row here, something just turned and it will forever be a puzzle to me why we couldn't get it back. We were off to the start we wanted. Hats off to Portland, they were clinical and took advantage of their opportunities. I just wish we could have ushered our seniors out like the way they came in, but last year we won this same game here in the second round. Their clinical finishing really took the wind out of us. We made an attempt at the end and I was really proud of our attempt. Overall another decent season, now we need to re-group and we just want to make sure the four seniors get their recognition. They battled hard and had a great career here, with three of four trips to the playoffs but our goal was to go farther into the postseason. We made a lot of postseason adjustments but if you lose confidence there's not much you can do. We've got to take this and suck it up and put together a new team next spring and get after it. We'll be right back up there though, the Huskies are a team to be reckoned with every year and we've now got a good goal to improve on.'

On the play of the defense: 'You have to coach the players you have on the field or change the people you have, and it is so late in the season that it is hard to change the whole house. I thought the defending was very good, and I really thought that if we could have earlier scored a third they wouldn't have had a chance in the game. We seemed to lose our confidence defensively and we tried to fight that at halftime but the guys have to believe and it didn't really look like that was fully there.'

UW Senior CJ Klaas

On blowing a two-goal lead: 'It's tough. Being in the game, once they come back it's pretty much automatic that the momentum swings, and you just need to fight the momentum and get it back on your side and unfortunately we didn't. I think they got a few fortunate goals. Five goals on nine shots is unheard of, and there's not much you can do about it. I think even their final goal was lucky. Every single shot they had was going in. At the end of the day, you have to leave it all out there on the field and hope for the best and I think they were the better of the two today as far as finishing goals. There's not a lot anyone can do about that. I thought we came out and put up a solid effort and we concentrated on defense and played pretty well. There were a couple slip-ups here and there and they just capitalized on all of them. You generally do have slip-ups in the game, but you don't usually find a team who will capitalize on all of them like Portland did. That's the game of soccer, that's the way it goes. You can dominate and out-shoot someone 24-9, but at the end of the day it's who gets the goals.'

Portland Head Coach Bill Irwin

General Comments: 'Well we dug ourselves a little bit of a hole going two goals down but slowly dug ourselves out of it. We made a couple little changes that worked. The players were absolutely tremendous. They worked their tails off the whole game. That's what it was. It was a team effort all the way. Nobody stopped working and our luck changed.'

On falling behind early: 'We're down 2-0 on two bad goals on our part off two set plays. It's disappointing. We dropped (Matthew) Dallman a little bit deeper, and then switched Heath (Pearce) and Miguel (Guante) one inside and one outside and that seemed to change things up.'

On Washington: 'Washington is a very good team. Dean (Wurzberger) has got a great program here and all our games against each other over the years have been absolute battles up here. It's never over until the referee blows his whistle. I want to congratulate Dean and his soccer team on a great season and a great game today.'

On being outshot by Washington: 'Forget statistics. The only statistic that matters up there is the final score. We've been on the other end of that where we've outshot teams and lost. That doesn't matter in our eyes. Only the ones that go in the net really count.'

On the offensive production: 'I've been telling these guys all year that goals will come. Hopefully that's not them all.'

On goalkeeper Luis Robles: 'I thought he played very well, as did the other 12 that came on as well. Everybody played very well. It was a team effort. I'm proud of them all.'

Portland Forward Alejandro Salazar

On skipping their shots off the ground: 'Whenever the grass is wet like this the ball's going to pick up speed when it hits the ground. Whenever you can do that in an atmosphere like this, the ball's going to skip and do things so I think we were able to utilize that to our advantage.'