Post-Game Quotes

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(#22) Washington 89, Seattle Pacific 71
Friday, Nov. 19, 2004
Bank of America Arena; Seattle, Wash.



General Comments:
'I'm glad we're past that one. We waited all spring and summer to play a game in the fall and we had to play without several of our premier players, but I thought our guys that played came in and handled it very well. We stayed out of foul trouble for the most part. Our guys stepped it up when they got winded. Joel Smith came off the bench and gave us a big boost. He had a tremendous game. I'm happy with the way our guys handled this.'

On if Joel Smith can contribute consistently:
'We hope so. As I've said many times, he is athletic, he gets in those passing lanes, and he's deceptively quick. He finishes around the rim and just has a knack for knowing where the open areas are. He reminds me a little of Bobby Jones when he was a freshman in that Bobby just found a way to get into the game somehow.'

On young players being helped by experience:
'Oh, yes. Understand, a kid like Joel Smith, this is his first game. So he got to get his feet wet in a home game in a situation where we pretty much had control of the game and he was able to get some experience. You can't get enough experience. It was a great game for him to play in.'

On veteran leadership:
'It was obvious that Mike Jensen, Brandon Roy, and Nate Robinson were going to take it upon themselves to make sure that they led by example tonight. Mike Jensen gets 12 rebounds in the first half. What a great example for everyone else. I thought they did a phenomenal job--those three who were out there with the most experience--in handling the situation.'

On Washington's strengths:
'I think we're one of those teams where we don't have letdowns but there are times where we're able to turn up the heat and create spurts. 6-0 runs, 10-2 runs. That's the kind of team we were last year and when we get in that zone, we're able to distance ourselves from people. That's just kind of our team's make-up.'

On Mike Jensen:
'He did a phenomenal job. Eight offensive boards are really good and I think he had the majority of those in the first half. He was relentless on the boards tonight. He started out early in practice slow on the boards and after about the first two weeks he has been a consistently good rebounder for us. He gets more traffic rebounds for us, meaning that when there are four or six hands in there he is strong enough to come up with the ball where last year he'd get his hand on the ball but wasn't able to secure it. He's been doing a better job of that as of late so it was good to see him have the type of performance on the glass that he had tonight.'

On the team's expectations:
'This team expects those expectations. When we were 10-17 they expected those expectations. I think our team feels this is where we should be. So I don't think we have to talk a whole lot about it. They have handled it surprisingly well. We haven't felt like guys have been going off worrying about themselves this year. Guys are still sharing the ball and still working hard in practice.'


General Comments:
'They were more athletic and dominated the boards on us. We didn't play with real confidence and backed down to their pressure. With a team like this, we can't match their intensity. It was a fun environment to play in and great for our guys to play a top-25 team. Washington has a good program and they should be right in the hunt in the Pac-10.'

On team's performance:
'We looked scared at times and we can't do that. I don't care who you're playing, you can't play scared. They took advantage of it and we turned the ball over some too. Jordan Williams' shot looked particularly good. Hopefully, now that we're back in our comfort level in D-II, our team will learn from this experience and it'll help us to be playing in March.'

On Washington:
'Brandon (Roy) is a phenomenal player. He's a very difficult match and we didn't have anyone to match him. Nate's athleticism is phenomenal. We had no answer for those two. And then Mike (Jensen) dominated the boards. Once they get their other players back, they're going to have a nice rotation. They can go big, go small, go athletic; they have lots of combinations. They're tough to stop and I bet Utah is not looking forward to playing them on Thursday.'