Nov. 20, 2004

Recap | Final Stats

Washington State 28 Washington 25
Nov. 20, 2004
Martin Stadium - Pullman, Wash.


Hats off to Washington...
'I want to congratulate Washington on a heck of a ballgame. I thought they battled like crazy. They are beat up and a lot of their good players weren't there. The ones that showed up today played their tails off. They battled right until the end. I thought they would fold but they just kept coming back.'

Winning the Apple Cup...
'Don't let anybody ever tell you that this game doesn't mean anything. It means a whole lot. It's a great one to win.'

'It's a springboard for the weight program and the off-season program and for spring ball. We ended the streak and we are trying to start a new streak. It wasn't easy. The Huskies are tough.'

Kickoff problems...
'We are so beat up that we really don't have a great cover team. We kicked one deep and they brought the thing back up and looked like they were going to split it. We tried to kick it high left and high right and try to kick it to someone that doesn't field the ball all the time.'

'Does it feel like you got a piano off your back?' (Craig Smith - Seattle Times)'I don't know about that. It's only my second one, hell I'm .500. I'll take that.'


The forced fumble that led to Derting's touchdown...
'It was just an all-linebacker blitz and I came through. The back missed me and picked up Derting. I think it might have been a screen and the quarterback just brought it down because he couldn't throw it. Luckily I hit him and it came out. Derting scooped it and and stole it from him.'

Ending the streak...
'It's been hard. My redshirt year I sat on the sidelines and watched us lose. Last year I was hurt sitting on the sidelines watching us lose again. This year, it just feels great. This is the best win of the year. I'm so happy right now. It was like a bowl game. It was our bowl game and we won.'

The scene on the field after the game...
'I was out there partying with them. They were having a great time and I was having a good time. I was proud of our fans and they were proud of us.'


Winning the Apple Cup...
'It feels incredible. It was a huge win for our team and a huge win for our seniors. It was a great way to get next season started off on the right foot.'

'This is huge for us. We needed this win to get the off-season started off on the right foot. I think it can be a big springboard into next year.'

Finishing the season with a win over Washington...
'We didn't have the greatest season, but this game makes it a little sweeter. It doesn't really matter what happened earlier, we are just happy to come away with the win.'

Success throwing the ball...
'I think we got into a little bit of a rhythm throwing the football and we were able to move the chains. Once we started doing that, we were able to run the ball. When we were mixing it up, we were pretty tough to stop.'

Intensity of the rivalry...
'I was part of a pretty big rivalry down in Eugene with the Civil War. The intensity of the fans and the intensity of both teams in this game is incredible. I'm glad we came out on top.'

Winning for the seniors...
'These guys have been battling and put together some great seasons the last four years. The one black mark was not beating the Huskies. Now they have and we were glad to help them out.'


Beating the Huskies...
'I'm a die-hard Cougar forever and to get this victory for Cougars all across the nation is the greatest feeling ever. I can't compare it to anything. It's over now (the streak). I can go home now and keep my head up high instead of hanging it.'


Beating the Huskies...
'Everybody gave it their all and everybody left it all out on the field. That's why we have the trophy now.'

Getting to touch the Apple Cup trophy...
'I have never seen the trophy. The closest I had got to the trophy was on the video game (EA Sports NCAA 2005). I needed to touch the trophy. I had a good time with it. We have been around here for five years and haven't seen it. We wanted it. That's one of the reasons we came to WSU and we got it.'


On the Effort of UW Players:
I was pleased with the way our guys scrapped and competed it went right to the wire.

On the Second Half:
I was pleased with the second half. That was the best second half we played in quite some time.

On Isaiah Stanback:
I thought Isaiah did a good job coming off the bench. I think he is probably way more comfortable doing that, then say starting the game.

On Casey Paas:
I am disappointed for Casey. I thought we had some guys open and he just missed them and it end up in the other people's hands.

On the Defense:
I think our defense did as well as it could. It unfortunate that someone who has had a big year for defense would find a way to not show up on time for practice, so I left him home.

On the Team:
I am pleased with our guys, the way they scrapped and it been an unbelievable 11 games. I don't know if I have ever seen a team with as many bad things happen to it as this team. They have been great to coach from start to finish, they practice hard but we are a team that did not have a big margin for error not being tremendously experienced.

If you point at 12 to 14 names on our depth that we couldn't lose, we lost those guys.

Adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it. I feel like this team has a lot of character.

Miss Most:
The people you coach.

On Addressing the Team:
I said it was the best second half we played all year. The players have a duty to the uniform, the helmet and the jersey.


On the Apple Cup:
They played good and we can't take that away from them but we didn't execute the way we should the entire game. And I think that is the reason we lost. We didn't play up to our ability.

On No Coaching Staff:
We are going to get in their and take out my frustrations on some weights.

On the Year:
That has story of our life this year its been up and down.


On getting the ball back with more time:
I definitely think we would have had a good chance of winning the game if we had the ball a little bit longer.


On not pulling out a victory for Gilbertson's Last Game:
It one of the toughest things I have had to go through since I have been here.