Andrew Walter Press Conference Quotes (Nov. 22, 2004)

Nov. 22, 2004

Andrew Walter Press Conference Quotes, Nov. 22, 2004

On the significance of the Arizona rivalry:'I made my first start in this game. What says it all was that three years ago on our field everyone got into a brawl. I don't feel that should take place in sports, but that says a lot about the effect of the rivalry. We play for the oldest trophy, the Territorial Cup. It spans a lot of years and a lot of tradition and no love lost between the two teams.'

On the challenges posed by Arizona:'We just have to know where they are coming from and who they are dropping out. We just have to be aware of creepers and things that might give away a blitz. They disguise it really well. We just have to know, protection-wise, who has to pick up who and get the ball out on time.'

On keeping emotions in check:'I think being in games in previous years helps, just past experience. Keeping emotions under control will be different for other games than this game. Previous experience helps to keep your emotions in check.'

On how previous incidents (NBA brawl) influence other on-field incidents:'There is no excuse for that to happen. I do think that could play into it. We have all been there, but there's things where hopefully you are able to restrain yourself. Three years ago there was an event like that that took place on our field. I don't for see that happening this year. There's no place for that in sports. I don't think that should be the case this year.'

On how easy it can be to get caught up in the rivalry:'When your adrenaline is going and you play a violent game like football, probably it's a little easier [to lose control].'

On this being the last regular season game at Arizona:'With this being my first start against these guys, I'm making my last regular season start. It's a little bit of closure. It's hard knowing that it is your last time doing this. I try not to think about it like that, because you don't want that in the back of your head. I'm going to think about trying to execute on get the win. I'll be able to think about all the positives at the end of the season.'

On the year as a whole:'It started last year right at the end of the U of A game trying to decide what is the best thing for me to do. Thankfully the choice was made for myself to stay. I've never regretted it and I'm thankful how the season has turned out. Looking back on that, it turned out to be the right decision. I have always said that records pale in comparison to wins. If you're going to be here you might as well have them all. I have had the opportunity to have some things happen for me positively record-wise. Being 8-2 is a lot better than throwing x-number of touchdowns. All in all, if you're going to be here, you might as well go for it all and I am thankful for that.'

On what it would mean to leave ASU on a three-game winning streak against Arizona:'It's huge. It's huge for our fans, for bragging rights, for tradition. It's big. It's a game that is always on national TV. So people all over the country get a chance to see us play. It's a day to show what our school is made of. If we can come out successful, it will be very positive. I would love to say we have a three-game winning steak when I leave the program.'

On the two tight end offense:'It just helps us be more versatile. With a fullback maybe you can't stretch the field as much in certain situations like you can with another tight end. One of our tight ends is much like the fullback. He has the ability to do different things. It helps us to be more wide-open and more versatile and unpredictable, which are all positives.'

On the Arizona game being more critical in terms of rankings:'I've pretty much made up my mind to forget about [the poll voters]. I'm not playing for them anyway. No one on this team is playing for any national person who votes [in the polls]. We play for us. We play to win and we play for ASU. Nobody plays for them and that's why they can say whatever they want. If we keep winning, they have to call us winners.'

On feelings of the underdog being more dangerous in a rivalry game:'If it was not a rivalry game, I would say possibly. Since it is a rivalry game, we want to show everybody in-state and around the country what we are made of. Records don't matter, both teams are going to show up and play. If it were another team, we could take them lightly but not this game, not Arizona.'

On any extra value coming off the bye week:'I think a lot of guys are more fresh. These two days off helps a lot of guys out. I got sick over the two days, but it was good timing I suppose. Yesterday was a good practice and game-wise that helps everybody out. The schedule worked out very well, but it seemed like earlier in the year we were a lot more beat up and tired during that bye week versus this one. A lot of guys are fresh and enthusiastic [after the bye].'

On the fans part in the rivalry:'[This rivalry] just shows how much the fans get into it. There's no love lost between these two teams. I think it's even more so between the fans, beause they don't have to show sportsmanship. With [the players] we'll get a flag or get kicked out of the game. I think the last few years, we have done pretty good about that. There's no place for fights and things like that in sports. I don't blame anybody, but we want to think that we have control over the situation. Fans will do whatever they will do during games.'