Fox lands deal for Bowl Championship Series

Nov. 22, 2004

AP Sports Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - Fox will be the new television home of the Bowl ChampionshipSeries.

The network and the BCS announced a four-year, $80 million deal Monday thatgives Fox the broadcast rights to the Fiesta, Orange and Sugar bowls from2007-10 and the national title game from 2007-09.

ABC has held the broadcast rights to the BCS since college football's majorconferences implemented the system to crown a national champion in 1998.

ABC withdrew from the bidding last week, with network officials saying theywere unhappy with the new BCS structure, which added a fifth game. Startingwith the 2006 season, the national title game will be played at the site ofeither the Fiesta, Orange, Sugar and Rose bowls the week after those games areplayed.

The new structure would allow greater access to the BCS and increase thenumber of teams involved from eight to 10.

'We totally accepted what was being offered by the BCS,' Fox Sportschairman David Hill said.

The national title game will rotate on a four-year basis between the fourbowl games. ABC still holds the rights to the Rose Bowl, and the national titlegame when it is played at the site, through 2014.

The money in the BCS's new TV deal is up from the $76.5 million ABC paidover four years.

BCS coordinator and Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg said all the DivisionI-A conferences and Notre Dame were involved in the negotiations.

'This agreement does allow us to have increased revenue for distribution inour system,' Weiberg said.