Cal-Southern Postgame Quotes

Nov. 23, 2004

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California Head Coach Ben Braun:

'We're a little concerned about Ayinde Ubaka and when the trainers said they preferred to pull him and get some x-rays done, we did. It looks to be in a similar spot to Ed Gray's injury, for Cal fans who remember that. Ayinde played with a lot of energy tonight. It really was one of his best games. Let's hope for the best.'

'Southern just didn't quit. I thought they played really hard and gave us some problems. They are all very good athletes.'

'We aren't going to be a team that takes a lot of threes this season, but we're going to get the one's we do down. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have Richard Midgley either.'

'Our post guys had a lot of touches tonight, which was good. We played with some pretty good energy out there. We were able to break out from our rebounds too.'

'Bear fans can expect to see DeVon Hardin get a lot of rebounds for us this season.'

'Richard Midgley is our toughest guy on the floor. For us to be good, he has to be good.'