UCLA-LMU Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 23, 2004

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Jorge Salcedo, UCLA Head Coach
(On the first goal): 'It was a good ball sent in by Chad and a good run from Luke. Luke is a good header of the ball and has a good nose for the ball. He made a good run and a good finish. He brings a variety of intangibles. Offensively, he knows how to score with his head.'

'We were a little bit rusty, a little bit anxious and struggled at times. We haven't played in a while.'

'Matt Kovar not starting probably hurt them. Home field advantage was also key. We love playing at home. Our athleticism and speed on this fast field helps us.'

'It's great to get our first game under our belt, and we'll be better for it.'

'St. John's is as tough a third round game as you have. They come in with a lot of confidence after having won 3-1 in their game today. They will battle us tooth and nail.'

Eric Reed, UCLA Sophomore Goalkeeper
'Coming into the playoffs you have a lot of nerves. The first few balls you get calm you down. Our defense was solid. We made a few mistakes, but luckily they didn't capitalize on it.

(On what the team worked on in practice): They (LMU) have a lot of height, so we concentrated on set pieces during practice, and it worked.

(Asked if he had butterflies): Absolutely. We focused a lot on crossing and a lot of set pieces. If they got a goal we knew it would be there.

Mike Enfield, UCLA Senior Midfielder/Forward
'It's great to get our first playoff win this year and to get the shuout. Overall it's a great result for our team.'

Paul Krumpe, Loyola Marymount Head Coach
'I'm proud of the effort that our team put in all year. As I look back on the season, I see it as a 15 win season, including our four wins in Europe. This is a disappointing loss because I know that we are good enough to make it past the second round of the NCAA Tournament. UCLA is a hard nut to crack, and we have to learn how to crack that nut.'

'Although we are losing some great seniors, we have a super group of players, and return a significant amount of our scoring and playing time. I am excited about our future.'