Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 26, 2004

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Washington Post Game Quotes
Seattle Times Classic- UW vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee

General comments: 'I am really pleased that we can get out and force the turnovers. I am really excited to see us climbing on the glass like we did. Twenty-three boards to eight, a big difference maker. We were concerned about the last couple games and need to do a better job boxing out, and not allowing a second shot. We forced 22 turnovers, and holding them to 8 offensive boards. Whether we shoot it well or not, we got a chance. I can see that we are improving. We made a lot of adjustments on the press and I think it confused Wisconsin-Milwaukee.'

On Wisconsin-Milwaukee comeback- 'I saw three times where we were on the floor going for the ball and it didn't bounce our way and they kicked it out for a three. Maybe they have good karma, I don't know. I don't think it was a lack of hustle. It wasn't a structural break down. Sometimes the ball bounces funny ways. I thought we got great things out of a lot of players and I think they were ready to play.'

On comparison to Michigan comeback: 'Not at all, this wasn't a breakdown in intensity, We had to make adjustments but it wasn't because the team wasn't in it for forty minutes.'

On team philosophy: 'We are going to pressure you. We are going to make you get out of your comfort zone offensively and have you do some things that you aren't used to doing in practice. We want to have the intensity to get second and third shots for our players. That's blue collar.'

GUARD Emily Florence

On pressure defense: 'I think we caught them off guard and put a lot of pressure on the ball. That created a ton of turnovers, which got us a lot of easy shots. I think we played good offensively and got the ball inside and out and once we got the ball into the post, we were able to do things off the ball.'

On holding off comeback: 'I think we stayed poised and handled it really well. We tried to get back into our own game and not worry about them coming back.'

FORWARD Maggie O'Hara

On rebounding: 'Individually we focused in the fall and spring on really going to the offensive boards and it is a mentality that the entire team has picked up. We work on rebounding every day in practice and because of the work in practice, we make each other better.'

On coming off bench: 'It's not different at all coming off the bench for me. I try to be in the game and sometimes we need the bench to fire us up. I go in excited to help the team get in the flow of the game.'

GUARD Cheri Craddock

On coming off bench: 'I like to feed off Breanne (Watson) because she takes shots and goes to the glass. She gets me hyped up.'