Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 27, 2004

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Washington Post Game Quotes
Seattle Times Classic- UW vs. Alabama - 11/27/04

General comments: 'Alabama is a very athletic team who shot the ball incredibly well. At every position, it seemed like whatever defense we were in, the rim got bigger and bigger for them. I thought we started out well and we competed really hard and things were going back and forth and we were right in there, but the game got away from us the second half. It's tough to lose that way. The good news was that we kept competing and trying hard. It seemed like we didn't have the pressure on the ball that we normally have especially the second half and our rotations were really slow and late. Our intensity was down and we have to keep it up and keep pressure on the basketball.'

On shooting percentage: 'Normally we get a lot off our press. Alabama being as athletic and good as they are at guard, it was tough at times to force turnovers and get ourselves fastbreak points. I think you put a lot of pressure on your offense when that is not happening. We didn't want to do that this year. We want to help our offense by putting a lot of pressure at full court so we can get a lot of easy baskets. We were scratching and clawing, trying to find easy scores, but it just didn't happen.'

On rebounding disadvantage: 'It was uncharacteristic for us to have only eight offensive boards. We have to get more intensity and get more people to the glass. I thought we got caught standing and watching the shooter a lot, whether it was us not being in our offense or when rebounds weren't at people. When we do that well, like last night, it makes such a big difference. Tonight, we didn't have it, especially in the second half.'

GUARD Kristen O'Neill
On Alabama's offense: 'First of all give credit to their team. They played a great game. Like June said, the rim was huge for them tonight and they hit some tough shots. Our defensive pressure was not where it needed to be. With the way we played tonight I know we're a much better team, so for that I'm disappointed. I have to take responsibility for the mistakes that I made and I know a lot of other people feel the same way. Alabama played a lot harder than we did tonight and more than anything that's what we need to fix, our intensity all the way around.'

On responding to the loss: 'I have confidence in the team and the coaching staff that we're going to make the adjustments that we need to prevent this from happening again. I have a lot of pride in this program and confidence in my teammates that we're going to turn this around.'