Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 27, 2004

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Jorge Salcedo, UCLA Head Coach
When you are down 2-1, naturally you have to fight to tie the game. Only one team is going to advance so we were trying to throw everything at them that we could.

I don't think you're successful here at UCLA unless you make the final four and have a good shot at winning a championship. That's always our goal year in and year out, and we fell short, regardless of how young we are, regardless of the fact that we have nine guys coming back next year, we had a good enough team to go farther than we did

I think we were a little hesitant in the first half, we were a little bit nervous. They were on top of us. They're obviously a very hardworking team and they make it difficult for teams to play. That's what they did today

Chad Barrett, UCLA Sophomore Forward
This was a great season capped by a bad game. That's all you can really say. They showed up to play in the first half and we didn't and when we finally did come alive...

We weren't challenging them and we weren't doing anything. They were making passes and everybody was launching the ball forward while we were just dribbling. When we finally started playing as a team, you take shots, you get deflections and you get corners. That's what it came down to.

On UCLA's offensive flurry in the second half:
I thought we were going to score. I thought there was no way they were going to keep the ball out of that net. We had too much momentum. They did a good job of keeping it out.

Benny Feilhaber, UCLA sophomore midfielderOn the difference between Tuesday's win over Loyola Marymount and tonight's loss:
The difference was that against LMU, we came out and got those chances early on. This time our chances came once they were already up and they had 11 guys behind the ball. That makes it that much harder.

I think in the second half everybody came out and put everything they had into that game. I think the lapses we had were in the first half. We came out a little flat-footed. The weather didn't help us much, but we didn't come out to play. In the playoffs, two games from the final four ... the first half wasn't what it should have been. In the second half everybody gave it their all and we just fell a little bit short.

Dave Masur, St. John's Head Coach
'I'm really happy with the result, obviously. We were able to get the early lead and held off a strong challenge from a very good UCLA team. We're excited to advance but know that the challenges get tougher.'

Bill Gaudette, St. John's senior goalkeeper
'UCLA is a great team, and we know this is a tough place to play. They put up a tremendous fight late in the game, but we were able to hold them off and get the win.'