Cardinal Gymnastics Inside the Locker Room

Nov. 29, 2004

Hi everyone!

First of all, I have to say how excited I am to be writing my first Inside the Locker Room report!! Unfortunately I only have two days of practice to tell about since this week was Thanksgiving break! Monday and Tuesday were great workouts--everyone gave their best efforts (as usual!), and we definitely had successful practices leading into our first break of the year!

Our awesome captains Natty Fo and Louie (Natalie and Jessica) are leading our team as strong as ever with their fellow junior Glyn! Nat is very consistent in the gym, and Glyn's doing really well as she's coming back from her ankle injury. Even though Lou can't workout yet she's always cheering for everyone from the sidelines and never fails to have answers to our silly 'freshmen' questions! (Or at least my silly questions!!...Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that has them!) I've actually heard that she's really accurate in predicting when I'm going to call her with a question! It's also great to be watching Britt and Tab progressing in their rehab programs. The rest of us are putting our routines together, and everyone's getting anxious to kick off the season with our first meet against Cal in January!!

Now for the most exciting part of the week--THANKSGIVING!!! It's definitely among my favorite holidays! It was a break well earned by SWG! For the most part, everyone was able to make it home to spend the weekend with their families. Alex and I weren't though, so she went home with Lou and I spent Thanksgiving with Tabby and her family. We had a great time together! We ate a DELICIOUS traditional Thanksgiving meal at her Godparents' house. (Thank you David and Susan!!) After that wonderful evening there was only one thing left to do....SHOP!! (And have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory somewhere in the middle!) Basically we spent two days of our 'break' shopping. It was definitely worth it, but so much for resting! Then on Saturday night Tabby and her mom and I went to go see that new movie The Incredibles. It was really funny--Tab and I loved it! Now it's Sunday night, and we just arrived back on campus. I have to send out a special thanks to Jon Yim (Tab's brother!) for driving us back and forth from school down to Irvine and back! He must have spent about 25 hours in the car altogether, and he kept the ride interesting the entire time!! So thanks to Jon and Tab's mom for inviting me for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!!

I hope all of you had an awesome Thanksgiving too!! Thanks for checking in on SWG! You can look forward to hearing more from 'Inside the Locker Room' next week! Take care and GO CARD!!!!!

-Liz Tricase