Stanford Athletics Press Conference Comments - November 29, 2004

Nov. 29, 2004

Stanford, Calif. - Following are selected comments from a press conference held by Stanford Athletics on Monday to discuss the future of the school's football program.

Opening Statement
'It's a tough day and a tough place that we find ourselves in. I am comfortable with the process that we've gone through and the decisions that have been made. There's an old saying that `the margin is thin but the responsibility is clear'. My job is to make the best type of environment for our student-athletes to succeed in and gain all the great things that come from participation in highly competitive college athletics. Given that responsibility, I felt that it was best for us -- weighing all of the tradeoffs -- that we look for new leadership in football. That's a tough place for me to be in.'

On The Search For A Replacement
'We will try to find the best coach we can possibly find that fits within the Stanford community. We will lean towards a coach with a background in offensive football.'

On A Deadline For A Possible Replacement
'There's no set deadline. We're going to try to move as quickly as we can.'

On The Reasons To End The Employment Of Buddy Teevens
'It was my evaluation of the entire program and where we were going more than any specific happenstance.'

On The Current Status Of Stanford's Assistant Football Coaches
'As of right now, they are all still employed by Stanford as assistant football coaches and are now reporting to (Senior Associate Athletic Director) Darrin Nelson. The assistant coaches are still actively working for Stanford University and still actively recruiting. They will be interviewed by the coach that comes in.'

On Buddy Teevens' Tenure As Stanford's Head Coach
'Three years ago we went out and worked hard to find the best person for this job. I believe we did that. Buddy came here with a great pedigree, incredible work habits and shared values, and he gave it his best shot. Things just didn't work, but in my opinion we chose the right guy three years ago, and we'll do the best we can to choose the right guy this time.'

Opening Statement
'Obviously, this is a tough day for me. I've had a wonderful time here at Stanford, and I would like to thank the assistant coaches, as well as the administrative and support staffs for the wonderful jobs they have done. I would like to thank Dr. Leland for this opportunity afforded me. This is a very, very special place. I do believe Stanford can have football success. My goal was to have a Top 25 program with an opportunity to win a national championship. Having been here for three seasons, I think those goals are achievable. We made progress and Stanford will continue to get better. Unfortunately, it's a win-loss business, and I did not win enough ballgames. I'm very confident a good replacement will be found. I regret that we didn't have greater success.'

On The Evaluation Process Following The 2004 Season
'Dr. Leland kept me informed throughout the process. I understand it was a tough situation.'