Comments From Trent Bray, Matt Moore and Ryan Gunderson Entering Spring Practice

March 29, 2005

Corvallis, Ore. - The following comments are from senior linebacker Trent Bray; junior quarterback Matt Moore and sophomore quarterback Ryan Gunderson prior to the start of spring practice.

Trent Bray

Q. Are you ready for spring practice?

A. 'I'm looking forward to getting back to playing football. We've been working hard in the weight room and running, but it's time to put all that to use. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back on the field. We have all the linebackers back and most of our defensive line, so I'm excited about our chances.'

Q, It's been a tumultuous offseason, how has the team handled some of the things that have happened to your teammates?

A. 'We haven't worried too much about it. We know these are good guys that have made bad decisions. We're upset that some of their decisions might hurt us, but other than that we aren't too worried about it.'

Q. Give your analysis of the defense and in particular the linebacker corps.

A. 'We have a chance to be better than we were last year. I really like our linebackers with Keith (Ellison) and Chaz (Scott) back. We have our tackles back and we had a good year last season.'

Q. Does the success the team had last season at the end of the year help propel the team into next season?

A. 'It helps to finish on a high note, it makes it just that much more positive going into the next spring and season. Anytime you can finish the season winning six of the last seven games, that builds confidence.'

Matt Moore

Q. How much has it helped you to be here for the winter term?

A. 'I think it was a big deal. I have become acquainted with the guys and was able to go through winter conditioning, and get acclimated to school. Just getting to know people is a big plus. I'm glad I came here when I did, as opposed to coming in for spring term.'

Q. How antsy are you to get back on the field?

A. 'I can't wait to get back on the field, I've been waiting for this for a long time. I'm excited to get another opportunity, a second chance, and I just want to make the best of it.'

Q. Was it an easy choice to come to Oregon State?

A. Yes. One of my goals was to stay in the Pac-10, because it is one of the best conferences in the nation. It's not too far from home and with Coach Riley and Coach Banker talking about what Oregon State had to offer, it was a pretty easy decision.'

Q. You started in the Pac-10, how much has that helped you prepare for this situation?

A. 'Experience is huge. I know about the speed of the game and the size of the players. The pace of the game and crowd is huge. I remember my first time at UCLA I was lost and I screwed up big time sometimes. Experience is a nice thing to have.'

Q. What do your consider your strengths?

A. 'I consider myself a pocket passer, but when I have to I can run. I don't have lightening speed, but I'm not slow either. My dad has always told me that the `quarterback's job is to make things to happen.''

Q. What did you learn from being in a quarterback battle for the starting position at UCLA?

A. 'Cory Paus and Drew Olson were battling as well. I think the competition brought us tighter together. It brings out the best of you and you always know somebody is pushing you or you're pushing somebody.'

Q. Why didn't it work out at UCLA?

A. 'I signed with Coach Toledo and that was awesome. Coach Dorrell came in my sophomore year and then we had the big quarterback battle all summer and into fall, and then I got hurt, and it just wasn't working out for me there anymore. I came back from my injury and I played some, but I just didn't feel like I was supposed to play there. I thought I still had the skills to play and I didn't want to sit on the bench, so I did something about it and now I'm here.'

Ryan Gunderson

Q. Obviously Derek Anderson is gone and the number one position is there to be had. What is your mindset as you get started this spring?

A. 'I just want to go out and play, I've been waiting for a long time. I've been out there taking number two reps, but it has been since high school since I was the leader. I want to go out this spring and do my best and hope for the best. I'm going to give it my all, and that's all I can ask myself right now.'

Q. How much does it help you that you have been in the system for a couple of years?

A. 'I think it helps a lot. I feel very comfortable mentally and that just comes from the time I have spent here. I feel very comfortable right now.'

Q. There will be pressure on every rep to make the right calls this spring, is that something you look forward to?

A. 'Yeah I do, I thrive off of pressure. I put a lot of pressure on myself, more than the coaches, the fans or the media. The pressure I put on myself pushes me.'

Q. Do you feel the competition in spring ball will make you better?

A. 'I don't think it can make me worse. The competition can only make me better. It will be fun to compete against guys; and it's not just against Matt, it also is Brian (Hildebrand), Colt (Charles), Paul (Kirwan) and Sean (Canfield). There are going to be a lot of guys out there and we will all push each other.'

Q. Are you nervous at all?

A. 'I am nervous, but this is something I have been waiting for. I'm not going to say I wanted to see Derek (Anderson) leave, he's a great guy, but this is what I have been waiting -- a chance to be the starter. I'm actually more excited than nervous.'

Q. Did you learn things from Derek?

A. 'One of the biggest things I learned from Derek was that people are going to say what they say or write what they write, you have to have fun and enjoy your time here. Derek really didn't let what people said about him effect him, even if he had a bad game here and there. I really learned how he carried himself throughout his career.'

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