Nate Robinson Press Conference Quotes

April 11, 2005

Nate Robinson Press Conference
Bank of America Arena/Seattle, Wash.
Monday, April 11, 2005


General Comments:
'Since we played the Sweet 16 I gave deep thought, deep down in my heart, to make the right decision and that is to skip my senior year and enter the NBA draft.'

On the decision-making process:
'It was tough, with what our team did this year, we had so much fun. It was tough to make the decision, because now I have a family. I know I'm ready to make the jump. It has been a dream for me since I was a young boy, playing basketball and imitating guys like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. It has just been great growing up and finally I get to fulfill my dreams and play in the NBA. It is just wonderful.'

On his draft status:
'I just need to do workouts, then it will take care of itself. The way I play, and what I bring to the table, then they will pretty much select me by being the top player that I am throughout my whole life.'

When was the decision made?:
'I just knew deep down, because I tested the waters last year, and I got a good feel for how they play. I learned a lot, and I came back and I just added it into my game and tried to help this team go as far as it possibly could. We went to the Sweet 16, it was far, but for us it wasn't far enough, but you have got to stop somewhere. It's tough, you know, making the decision because of what we did and what we could still do. It's going to be a great team, with, without, regardless. The sky is the limit, for me and for the Huskies upcoming in the years coming up they are going to be great. You guys are still going to be able write about all the great guys, all the local guys, that come here. They are bringing that Husky basketball back to where it needs to be. They are going to go even far than we did next year.'

What are your upcoming plans?:
'Well whatever team flies me in, so I can do workouts, things like that. It is going to be tough not being with my teammates, not being with Brandon, not being with Bobby, not being with all the guys that pretty much I've been with for three years now. I've been knowing these guys for so long. Now, I guess it's time to be a man, it's time to move on to bigger things. It's going to be tough, I'm going to miss everybody, from the Coach all the way down to the last manager. I had a great three years here, I played football, I did everything that I wanted to do. There ain't no looking back now.'

On his teammates' reactions:
'I talked to them, I see them here, I see them there. They ask how I'm going, how my son is doing. They pretty much don't ask me about the NBA thing because they don't want to bothered by that. After today, they will probably have some questions. I'll be ready for them.'

On the rumors that he may play football in the future:
'It's possible, I mean, I can't just throw it out the window, because I wanted to play in the NFL one day too. Right now I'm just focused on basketball.'

On telling Coach Romar:
'He just talked to me about, am I sure. He doesn't want me to have any regrets, on the decision I make. I talked to my mom, to my dad and my family. I talked to my friends about the whole thing. They are behind me 100 percent, when you have a family and a coach that is behind you on whatever decision you make, it makes it that much easier.'

On the possibility of being drafted late:
'It would make me look back, It would be a disappointment to me. Wherever I get drafted I am going to work hard and try to be the best player I can be. I'll show them that I should have been a first round pick, or lottery. Whatever it takes to be the player I need to be. There are some players that weren't even drafted, those have been some of the greatest players in the world. Wherever I go, whatever pick, whatever round, I'll make the best of it.'

On teammate Brandon Roy's decision to apply for the draft or return:
'We talked a lot about it. We even had lunch, over and over since we have been back. Conversations here and there, because I have been knowing `B-Roy' since sixth grade. We were taking sixth grade class together, we have a lot in common. We pretty much, have been through similar things, and similar situations throughout our life. He was a big part of helping me make my decision. He was there, we have been talking for a long long time, up to this point. He's going to have questions after today and I can't wait to talk to him.'

Are you concerned that the NBA won't be as fun as college basketball?:
'No, you have got to bring the life to the NBA. I've got to bring what I bring to the table here. And that is getting everyone involved and playing the way I play. I'm going to continue to do that.'


On whether college basketball is more fun than the NBA:
'Well, you talk about it not being fun at all. You are talking to a guy, that whenever the bus was late on the road trip, it became fun all of a sudden. He has a way of making things fun regardless of the circumstances. I know in his case, all of his life dreaming, all of his basketball life dreaming to get to this point. I think it will be fun for Nate.'

General Comments
'We are obviously going to miss Nate, he kept us all on the edges of our seats, me included. And it all somehow works out the right way for Nate Robinson. I think a very good compliment to someone is that when they leave someplace, they left it in a better condition than when they first got there. That is what Nate has helped do. This program had fallen on hard times and he played a big part in helping to get this program to where it is recognized nationally We definitely appreciate that and we are going to miss everything about him, including his poor singing on the bus. And it truly is poor. We obviously wish him the best, I can't wait to follow and see how he does in the workouts, just like we did last year. And eventually the training camps, summer league, all that stuff. I'm pretty confident that he is going to provide a lot of the same excitement that he has provided for us the last three years.'

What will be the most difficult thing to replace with Nate's departure?:
'Nate's competitiveness is a gift. You can have all the clinics and camps in the world, you can pay all kinds of money, but you can't learn what he possesses in here. His ability to compete is unlike anything I have ever seen before. And that is hard to replace, I don't if you can replace that, you have got to compensate in other areas. That competitive spirit that he has is something, that definitely played a big part in us winning ball games. He is exciting, he scores, he blocks big guys shots, he does it all. But the umbrella over all that, is he will rip your heart out. In a good way.

On advising Robinson:
'I don't think I've ever `advised' him one time. I think us, his family, his coaching staff we just tried to give information, objective information. And let him make the decision that is best for him. Same as last year, he felt like coming back this year is the best decision for him. I think we can look back at this year and say it was definitely not a bad decision. Now, he has decided to move on, and we support him 100 percent.'

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