All UW Crews Advance to Pac-10 Grand Finals

May 15, 2005

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - All six Washington crews that competed Sunday morning successfully advanced through heat racing and will join the two Husky boats that earned automatic berths into this afternoon's grand final races of the Pac-10 Rowing Championships at Lake Natoma.

The grand finals begin with the women's varsity four race at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, a change from preliminary schedules published earlier that showed the afternoon session starting one hour earlier. The championship regatta concludes with the women's varsity eight race at 2:30 p.m. followed by the men's varsity eight at 2:40 p.m. Rain and stronger winds are in the weather forecast for this afternoon in the Sacramento area.

Five Washington crews won their heats, led by the defending Pac-10 champion women's varsity four that crossed the finish line nearly four seconds ahead of second-place California. The Huskies' time of 7-minutes, 24.6-seconds was over six seconds faster than Washington State's first-place time of 7:31.0 in the other heat.

Also posting the fastest heat time in its event was the UW women's novice eight which clocked in at 6:54.9. Second-place Oregon State finished in 7:01.2 and the other heat winner, California, had a time of 7:01.4.

The men's varsity eight race features a clash between two-time defending champion (2003 & 2004) Washington and California which won the previous five Pac-10 titles from 1998-2002. The second-ranked Golden Bears won their heat in 5:55.5, one second faster than the fourth-ranked Huskies' winning time of 5:56.5 in the second heat.

The 12th-ranked UW women's varsity eight also registered the second-best time in an event, crossing the finish line first in 6:35.6. California, ranked No. 2, had a winning time of 6:33.1 in the first heat.

The men's freshman eight grand final is highlighted by a battle between Washington and California crews that have dominated their opponents all season. In the Pac-10 heats, the Huskies won by over 16 seconds with a time of 6:02.1 while Cal was a near 14-second victor with a mark of 6:01.1.

The UW women's junior varsity eight placed second in its heat, three seats behind UCLA. The Bruins finished first in 6:46.8 followed by UW in 6:47.9 and Washington State in 6:48.2. California won the other heat with a time of 6:45.7.

There were no heat races in the men's varsity four and junior varsity eight competitions, so UW crews in those events automatically advanced into the grand finals.

Live results from the Pac-10 Rowing Championships are available Sunday on the internet at:

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2005 Pac-10 Rowing Championships Results
Sunday, May 15, 2005
Lake Natoma; Rancho Cordova, Calif.
(all races were 2,000 meters)


Men's Varsity Eight
Heat 1- 1, California 5:55.5. 2, Oregon State 5:59.9. 3, UC Davis 6:08.5. 4, USC 6:12.2. 5, Sacramento State 6:17.5. 6, Loyola Marymount 6:27.8.
Heat 2- 1, Washington 5:56.5. 2, Stanford 6:01.5. 3, UCLA 6:10.2. 4, Washington State 6:11.3.

UW lineup: cox-Stephen Hertzfeld, stroke-Kiel Petersen, 7-Dusan Nikolic,6-Aljosa Corovic, 5-Colin Phillips, 4-Brett Newlin,3-Giuseppe Lanzone, 2-Kyle Larson, bow-Ante Kusurin.

Grand Final Lane Assignments: 1-California, 2-Washington, 3-Stanford, 4-Oregon State, 5-UC Davis, 6-UCLA.

Women's Varsity Eight
Heat 1- 1, California 6:33.1. 2, USC 6:38.6. 3, UCLA 6:42.9. 4, Gonzaga 6:51.5. 5, Sacramento State 6:57.5. 6, Loyola Marymount 6:58.5. 7, San Diego State 6:59.2.
Heat 2- 1, Washington 6:35.6. 2, Stanford 6:38.3. 3, Washington State 6:41.6. 4, Oregon State 6:44.9. 5, UC Davis 6:55.8. 6, San Diego 7:02.9.

UW lineup: cox-Dana Ryan, stroke-Courtney Plitt, 7-Kara Farquharson,6-Sarah Hubbard, 5-Allison DePalma, 4-Megan Kalmoe,3-Janelle Dubbins, 2-Olivia Morrow, bow-Marah Connole.

Grand Final Lane Assignments: 1-California, 2-Washington, 3-Stanford, 4-USC, 5-Washington State, 6-UCLA.

Men's Junior Varsity Eight
No heats. All crews move directly to finals

UW lineup: cox-Greg King, stroke-Scott Gault, 7-Scott Schmidt,6-Cooper Lange, 5-Martin Rogulja, 4-Jacob Pettit,3-Matt Kopicky, 2-Tyler Smith, bow-Evan Galloway.

Grand Final Lane Assignments: 1-Washington, 2-California, 3-Stanford, 4-Oregon State, 5-UC Davis, 6-UCLA, 7-Washington State.

Women's Junior Varsity Eight
Heat 1- 1, California 6:45.7. 2, Stanford 6:52.0. 3, USC 7:01.1. 4, Sacramento State 7:10.0. 5, Loyola Marymount 7:13.4. 6, UC Davis 7:14.9.
Heat 2- 1, UCLA 6:46.8. 2, Washington 6:47.9. 3, Washington State 6:48.2. 4, Oregon State 6:51.5. 5, San Diego State 7:21.6.

UW lineup: cox-Eva Anderson, stroke-Michael Kohan, 7-Liz Simenstad,6-Sanda Hangan, 5-Amanda Jensen, 4-Alina Tabacaru,3-Gemma Edward-Aron, 2-Andrew Sooter, bow-Katie Gardner.

Grand Final Lane Assignments: 1-UCLA, 2-California, 3-Washington, 4-Stanford, 5-Washington State, 6-USC.

Men's Freshman Eight
Heat 1- 1, California 6:01.1. 2, UCLA 6:14.9. 3, UC Davis 6:16.1. 4, Loyola Marymount 6:19.1. 5, Sonoma State 6:25.6. 6, San Diego State 6:39.9.
Heat 2- 1, Washington 6:02.1. 2, Oregon State 6:18.6. 3, Washington State 6:25.5. 4, USC 6:32.1.

UW lineup: cox-Dean Pearson, stroke-Rob Gibson, 7-Toby Dankbaar,6-Steve Full, 5-Christopher Aylard, 4-Andrew Beaton,3-Thomas McCrea, 2-Luke Carney, bow-Derek DeVries.

Grand Final Lane Assignments: 1-California, 2-Washington, 3-Oregon State, 4-UCLA, 5-UC Davis, 6-Washington State.

Women's Novice Eight
Heat 1- 1, California 7:01.4. 2, Washington State 7:04.7. 3, UCLA 7:08.3. 4, UC Davis 7:10.4. 5, San Diego State 7:17.6.
Heat 2- 1, Washington 6:54.9. 2, Oregon State 7:01.2. 3, USC 7:12.2. 4, Sacramento State 7:16.2. 5, Sonoma State 7:33.8. 6, Oregon 7:41.3.

UW lineup: cox-Alysha Koorji, stroke-Kim Armstrong, 7-Ashley Jones,6-Britany Jackson, 5-Charlene Franklin, 4- Jamie Unwin,3-Kristen Dwyer-O'Connor, 2-Noelle Broom, bow-Taryn Langlois.

Grand Final Lane Assignments: 1-California, 2-Washington, 3-Washington State, 4-Oregon State, 5-USC, 6-UCLA.

Men's Varsity Four
No heats. All crews move directly to finals

UW lineup: cox-Adrian Andrews, stroke-Thomas Schlenker, 3-Craig Tyler,2-Adam Van Winkle, bow-Dustin Kraus.

Grand Final Lane Assignments: 1-California, 2-Washington, 3-Stanford, 4-Oregon, 5-Sacramento State, 6-UC Davis, 7-USC.

Women's Varsity Four
Heat 1- 1, Washington 7:24.6. 2, California 7:28.2. 3, USC 7:41.5. 4, San Diego State 7:54.7.
Heat 2- 1, Washington State 7:31.0. 2, UCLA 7:34.6. 3, Oregon State 7:43.6. 4, Stanford 8:14.4.

UW lineup: cox: Katie Peyer, stroke-Katie Anderson, 3-Asiha Grigsby,2-Erin Lee, bow-Katherine Ramos.

Grand Final Lane Assignments: 1-Washington State, 2-Washington, 3-UCLA, 4-California, 5-Oregon State, 6-USC.

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